The content you’ll find here is written for you. It focuses on the issues you face each day. And most importantly, it pushes you to find a healthy way to persevere.

What is Eloquently Penned?

First and foremost, this website promotes better living and a hearty ambition. The words within these pages are written to be useful. Articles are littered with motivational content to help you overcome daily struggles.

Eloquently Penned – Words You Can Live By.

This site is for those looking for a way out. It’s for anyone searching for self-improvement tips in order to craft a brighter future. If you’re looking for a social boost or if you need the necessity of self-love reiterated – this site is for you.

You may feel confident and empowered already. Your self-image may not require any fine-tuning. But a little help can’t hurt. Who knows – you just might stumble onto a bit of communication advice you never thought to utilize!

No one is perfect. Facing the world head-on is no easy feat. But little reminders like this can go a long way. Knowing you aren’t alone in a sea of many is often the first step in reclaiming your passion.

Eloquently Penned will certainly help you, there!


Shelby Berzley - Eloquently PennedMy name is Shelby. I’d shake your hand and offer you a steaming cup of my favorite dark roast coffee if I could.

A native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I’m a writer on a mission to share my words and love of life with you. My fierce love of literature, passion for writing, and desire to live a fulfilled, worthwhile life keeps me focused.

With a Bachelor’s degree under my belt, I am branching out into the world of freelancing. Alongside my side gigs, I work full-time while managing this website and all its contents. I also co-own a freelance business (Syntactic Services) with my husband.

I believe in the significance of effort.
What you put into your life enables and crafts your fate.

Not everyone will agree with path you chose – I’ve been there. Fortunately, things do get better. With time, what you want can be achieved. With that knowledge in tow, I am continually working towards the future I envision for myself.

To put it simply: I’m a writer and editor with a passion for life and two novels half-written. A lover of books for which I am always running out of space. A coffee enthusiast with a tremendous love for unique mugs.

My life is a journey on which I am pleased to embark. I do hope you’re here to stay. Let’s pursue this quest towards a fulfilled life together!

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