The content you’ll find here is written for you. It focuses on the issues you face each day. And most importantly, it pushes you to find a healthy way to persevere in a chaotic world.

What is Eloquently Penned?

First and foremost, this website promotes better living and a hearty ambition. The words within these pages are intended to be useful and inspirational. The articles you will find here are littered with motivational content to help you overcome daily struggles.

Eloquently Penned – Words You Can Live By

This site is for those looking for a way out. It’s for anyone searching for self-improvement tips in order to craft a better, brighter tomorrow.

Perhaps most of all, this website is for you – the one in the back who keeps her head down because she feels she isn’t worthy of a better life. You deserve more than you know. And Eloquently Penned has a plethora of motivational tips to help you realize that.

It’s possible you feel confident and empowered already. Perhaps your self-image doesn’t require any fine-tuning. But a little help can’t hurt. You just might stumble onto a bit of advice you never thought to utilize!


My name is Shelby. I’d shake your hand and offer you a steaming cup of my favorite dark roast coffee if I could.

I am a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader on a mission to share my words and love of life with you. My fierce love of literature, passion for writing, and desire to live a fulfilled, happy life keeps me focused.

With a bachelor’s degree in English, I proofread and copyedit full-time while managing this website and all its contents.

I believe in the significance of effort.
What you put into your life enables and crafts your fate.

Not everyone will agree with the path you choose – I’ve been there. Fortunately, with effort and passion, you can achieve your goals. With that knowledge in tow, I am continually working towards the future I envision for myself.

Are you?

To put it simply, I am:

  • A writer, proofreader, and copyeditor with a passion for life and two novels half-written
  • A lover of books, waterfalls, and trails that lead to outstanding views
  • A coffee enthusiast with a tremendous love for unique mugs

My life is a journey on which I am pleased to embark. I do hope you’re here to stay. Let’s pursue this quest towards a fulfilled life together!

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