Depressed? You May Be Preventing Your Happiness

Harmful, serious, and identifiable with a staggering number of the population – depression is a serious illness. It can be brought on at any time, to any single individual.

If one indeed suffers from depression, he or she would show persistent symptoms, such as prolonged sadness or alteration of weight. Certain folks experience loss of energy or feelings of insignificance. In extreme cases, some will exhibit thoughts of self-harm or death.

Causes of this disease vary from genetic to psychological factors. Luckily, treatments are available to help cure this illness.

Depression – Do You Actually Have It?

Unfortunately, people often misconstrue the true severity of this disease. Sadness lasting for merely a few days is often exaggerated, noted to be an actual case of depression. However, such cases aren’t often real instances of the disorder.

Such misunderstandings demote the intense consequences of the illness.

Depression is a serious disease. It’s not merely a vocabulary term meant to be utilized as an excuse during difficult situations.

Can’t seem to master a new change in your life? Don’t blame your despair on depression. By doing so, you’re merely crying wolf to society. Why do it? So your doctor can prescribe you antidepressants? Why not search for a better way to take care of your sorrows?

Causes of the Blues

Sadness, misery, hopelessness – such feelings can be attributed to a number of causes. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rather poor living situation. Maybe your love life is wilting, or possibly nonexistent.

That job you’ve held for five years – it’s possible you deserve better. Your circle of friends or peers may be judgmental, creating a sense of self-doubt within you. Have you checked your bills recently? Perhaps that pile of debt is growing larger, booming with increased interest rates as the year progresses. Maybe the weather has simply got you down.

While pertinent – and likely true for a number of depressed folks – people blame these external forces without batting an eye. Sadly, the reason behind a person’s unhappiness is often remarkably personal.

Why So Sad, Man?

Sure, you can blame steady rainfall. But the reason behind your sadness will still remain. Those feelings of distraught, intense sadness often continue longer than expected.

You’re probably wondering what that means. Why would you form a personal vendetta to prevent your own happiness?

Seriously – who does that?

You aren’t doing such harm with purpose. Rather, your subconscious is unwilling to pull out of its rut. A part of you is so devoid of hope that you are unable to be happy. Tragic losses and living in a class lower than your worth may sadden you. But it’s your individual self that stops you from moving on from bouts of sadness.

Life Is Intense – Deal With It

There are ways to move on from sad situations and events. You needn’t remain jaded after a job rejection. Your lackluster love life shouldn’t dampen your confidence.

What good does that do for anyone?

Simmering in your sorrows and allowing such toxic emotions opportunity to envelope you makes you a victim. Even worse, this makes you a victim of yourself.

Life will throw curveballs.

You will be tormented by things not worth your attention. Events from your past will pop back up randomly, bringing forth memories you had put behind you. If you allowed each earth-shattering curveball opportunity to knock you down, where would you be? Consider your health – not only physically, but mentally.

How comfortable are you becoming a succubus – one who thrives on life’s turmoil? A person who feels no remorse for the indecent, toxic, and otherwise trying life journey he or she is taking part in.

If you are sincerely content with leading the sort of life described above, shame on you. You’re likely stuck in your ways with no concern for the effect your presence has on the world. Wasting the valuable time of your peers for guidance. Wasting time with a therapist when he or she could be aiding another who truly needs the help. Wasting the time of a doctor to prescribe you medication that another patient could utilize.

Staying in a poor situation clearly out of your control is one thing. But remaining at a standstill simply because you aren’t employed where you deserve? That’s simply indecent.

Let’s not joke around about this. Despair and sadness can exude serious harm.

Luckily, you all have the power to get over the rut such feelings leave behind.

Find Your Happiness Again – 6 Helpful Steps

1. Dig deep. Find your confidence.

This first step may take time. It’s likely your confidence was lost long ago. Depending on how long you’ve allowed these toxic feelings opportunity to take hold, finding your confidence may prove difficult.

Change your surroundings and search within yourself. Your confidence may not be boisterous. Perhaps self-assurance will come in the form of optimism. Try remembering what kept you going before sadness took hold. Maybe you set a long-term goal, one with a meaning you’ve since forgotten.

Realize this journey to find your confidence is personal. You cannot rely on another’s guidance during this first step.

In the end, you are the only one holding yourself back. Thus, you must get yourself out of the rut.

2. Consider why you’re sad in the first place.

What first created this sense of sadness within you?

Think back to the assortment of reasons discussed throughout this article. It’s possible one will jog your memory. Consider what differs in your life between now and then. Did a tragedy enforce your feelings? How much have you aged? Was the cause for your sadness worth your attention?

Before fully regaining your happiness, you must first realize what caused your unhappiness.

3. Realize that you may be – or likely are – the only thing holding you back.

Once you’ve understood the origin of your feelings, you must realize what’s stopping you. What’s standing in your way? What’s stopping you from achieving happiness?

In a word, you.

You are the leading reason for your unhappiness. But you can’t simply state this as fact. You must believe it.

Quite often, folks place blame where it doesn’t belong. Life can’t simply gift you happiness. If that were true, things would be much easier. No, you needn’t work for your happiness. But at the very least, you should understand how central your mindset is to finding that delight. Afterwards, you just might be able to depart from those toxic feelings.

4. Don’t ignore the brilliant guidance your loved ones provide.

So many are so deeply enthralled in their own suffering that worthy solutions are often ignored. Such solutions tend to be given by your loved ones.

Don’t ignore those helpful pieces of advice! The people you encircle yourself with are valuable. Utilize that value and ponder the information they provide. Those who truly love you want you to find your happiness.

Listen attentively. After you’ve heard their suggestions, decide what should be done. Much of the advice you receive will prove useful. Don’t simply throw away the help. By doing so, you will never progress. Your unhappiness will remain, encircled by a stubborn mindset unwilling to move forward.

5. Think about who in your life you’re hurting.

You are loved by many. Why allow feelings of despair opportunity to ruin the lives of your loved ones?

If the harm you’re placing on yourself doesn’t bother you, consider your family. Think about your friends. The mere thought of hurting said people with toxic feelings should kick your mind into overdrive.

By remaining enveloped in feelings of woe, you are harming more than just yourself.

6. Begin to move on!

Or at least try to.

Clearly, this process may take some time. You aren’t expected to fully recover from a lengthy period of sadness in mere days. Realize the harm toxic feelings are exuding on not only yourself, but on those around you. Take into consideration the reasons for the existence of your prolonged sadness.

If you aren’t a fan of your current life situation, find a way to change it! Apply for a job worthy of your talents. Budget your money to tackle your debt.

It’s up to you to change your life.

Eventually, with some much needed self-love, you will prevail. You don’t deserve to live a life enforced by sadness. Move on – for yourself, and for society.

Unhappy? Don’t Be Too Quick To Blame Depression

The next time you find yourself stuck, don’t blame depression without further consideration. You aren’t helping anyone by refraining to admit your failures.

Taking a blue pill to combat feelings of despair that you could have fixed is selfish.

After all, you’re likely the only thing standing in the way of your own happiness.