Why Standards Don't Define Us

We aren’t tied to rigid standards.

Stereotypes shouldn’t be followed blindly, without a second thought concerning their validity. Haven’t we moved past that? Or, at the very least, aren’t we beginning to?

The world isn’t defined by color, class, status, sexual orientation, or gender.

It’s defined by people. Every day, ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. Achievements, losses, dreams, pursuits, and attempts to make things better – for everyone.

What you do shows your true colors. Your help in rebuilding a war torn country. The efforts you put into rescuing mistreated animals.

Those actions define you – not your income level.

Why should we let such old ideals control us? As a people, aren’t we better than that? Isn’t our good intent and desire to enhance the world commendable?

I think so.

So why ignore it? Why put so little faith in the ambition and drive illustrated by the world’s population? Isn’t humanity better than those stereotypes that so accurately describe our past?

Do your part – don’t judge by rigid standards.

Judge by strength; by the trials a person undergoes to get to their current status. Form your opinions based on a person’s substance; the stuff that makes them whole on the inside. Focus on their drive, ambition, and accomplishments.

But most of all, look past your preconceived notions. They’ll deceive you, in every conceivable way.

Don’t follow grossly unjust standards. Often, people will surprise you. They’ll grab hold of your heart with an act so beautiful your heart will palpitate. You’ll be amazed.

So run, folks. Search for the things you can do to show your potential.

We won’t judge you – not until you’ve tried.