Things We Mistakenly Take for Granted

Eventually, we take for granted what we value and focus on the less important. As life stampedes around us, we often forget the little things. Important things are sorely missed – swept away by daily chaos. But sooner or later, this act will catch up to you.

We may disregard this mantra. Some may deem it ancient; perhaps spiritual in nature. Still, life is more than any trophy you won as a child. It carries more weight than those undesired pounds on your body.

The important things are not reduced to mere tangible items.

What is significant lays low – patient; often invisible to the average eye. In that space lay everything that brings real meaning to our lives. Ideas and emotions that highlight the real purpose of our existence. All that illustrates just how blessed humanity truly is.

We take these notions for granted without recognition of our actions. Without so much as an inkling of potential consequences, we ignore the real meaning of such ideals. And so, the things that matter lose strength, paving the way for everything new and exciting.

Thus, we are provided short-term gratification. Our souls are taken on a high with a quick climax, an experience we’re tasked to bounce back from quickly. But the notions we take for granted produce a satisfaction deeper than that short-term high. They create a deep, wholesome happiness. A feeling that stems from something real; meaningful.

Be cautious with your life. Care for your personal well-being. Understand the influence of the following points. As a people, we take more for granted than we should.

Things We Mistakenly Take for Granted - Our Personal Happiness

– Our Personal Happiness

True happiness cannot be bought, won, or forced.

People assume another trophy in their collection will automatically incite happiness. That they can reach it through selfish ambition and crude notions of satisfaction.

But what happens when those opportunities run dry? When they are snatched from your hands? How do you maintain happiness if the means of reaching that state are lost?

The connections you forge. Selfless acts you inflict on others. The manner you live your life. Your path focused not on pursuit of the next best thing, but rather genuine happiness without debt in tow.

True happiness initiates feelings of satisfaction. A prolonged state of personal gratification. Its true form is often found in the most unexpected places, brought on by unsuspecting forces. You cannot know true happiness if you live through merely selfish acts of success. Achievement plays a pertinent role, sure. But happiness relies on something else: experience.

Do not ignore something that could ignite that passion in your soul. Don’t pretend competition paves the way for your prolonged satisfaction.

Your personal happiness matters. Don’t take it for granted. Tend to it carefully.

– The Strength of Freedom

The freedom to choose our path is a gift. Not everyone is blessed with this opportunity. Freedom hasn’t yet been provided to all of humanity – a horror in its own right.

But for those who have the ability to maintain freedom in some manner; those who have been given the tools to reach goals without restriction – take care. You have been blessed with viable options. Opportunities worth pursuing. A way to reach uncertain possibilities with vigor and ambition.

Life may not yet be free for everyone.

But for those who do live freely, do yourself a favor – don’t take it for granted.

Too often the news blasts stories of people losing their freedom. Incidents reporting a person snatched from a life of choice to live one of severe regulation and structure. Learn to appreciate the freedom you have. Utilize it; keep it safe. Don’t ignore the opportunities within your reach. Freedom is a gift. Treat it that way.

– TimeThings We Mistakenly Take for Granted - Time

We always say things can be put off. That we can finish tomorrow what we began today.

But time isn’t that simple. It’s more complex than the hands on a clock.

You may feel you’ve got ample time to go after that opportunity. But if you wait a day, you may lose it to another.

Perhaps you feel waiting a week to take that last hike of the season is okay. But what happens when winter hits early? When you have to wait a year to make that hike again?

When you’re young, things feel easy.

You think you have time to reach your goals. You feel you’ve got years to start that family. You’re positive those opportunities will still be viable in the next couple years.

But you’re wrong.

Time is precious. It can run out at any moment. This isn’t meant to be depressing – it’s merely a realistic view. Accidents happen. Tragedies occur. Opportunities are lost.

Young folks die early – before they’ve begun to reach the height of their lives. Others folks pass before producing that novel they talked about for years.

Time is valuable. We take it for granted more than we care to think about.

It isn’t that we try to. It’s merely the world we live in. We are always hoping for something better. We know that possibility and opportunity are viable.

But what happens when time runs out before you reach your goals?

We say things can wait. We say we’ll get to it tomorrow. But time is not a fixed entity for everyone, and it is not certain for all of us.

“Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” Benjamin Franklin.

Our life is a race against time. Pursue, explore, and most importantly – live. Do not put it off. Youth passes quicker than you think. And opportunity dies out faster than you know.

– Your Mind

The mind is a fragile thing. With it, we’re able to recall what feels natural – the alphabet, basic mathematics, wisdom. It helps you remember the little things, like what you ate for dinner last night; where you parked your car in the grocery store parking lot.

Sadly, we take it for granted – all of it. We think it will last forever. We continue without realizing that eventually, our minds are prone to change. As we age, our minds whittle away. Some eventually lose sight of the person they used to be; people they once knew and loved.

When we’re young, we think we’re invincible.

We feel ambitious. We are certain our minds will always retain this strength. That we will never lose the knowledge we’ve gained.

But the mind is fragile. Eventually, it will lose its strength. And we take it for granted, not appreciating its power. Not remaining connected with people because we feel they will always be remembered. Because we feel recollection of our past is a long-lasting ability.

But that notion is misguided.

The mind is a powerful gift. Use it well. Don’t take it for granted. Your future self will thank you.

Be cautious. Don’t take these points for granted.

We ache for happiness. We strive for freedom; to be timely and always mindful of our surroundings. But what happens when these notions are lost? Stretched thin amongst the many possibilities life provides?

Always be mindful of the intangible – notions you cannot feel with your fingertips but can see unfolding in front of you.

Those things must be treated with care. They must be given the opportunity to progress naturally.

Life is a gift. Live well.