How You're Stopping Yourself from Being Your Own Leader

Regardless of our background, we all follow the leader. It’s instinctive; natural.

We tend to fall in line behind the person most apt to succeed. The one most likely to provide solutions to daily strife. The individual with the most strength, courage, and aspirations for a fulfilled life.

But why can’t we be our own leader?

Who stops us from jumping into life? From taking opportunities we deem impossible?


What is stopping us from stepping apart from that line of followers to become the next Mahatma Gandi? From becoming the newest technological mastermind?

We are.

We stop ourselves from moving forward because we are afraid. Scared of the outcome, consequences, and potential difficulties we may encounter on the way.

So we lay there, idly staring at the blank page of life. As if it’s not up to us. Like we aren’t in control.

We do this because we are scared of what could happen. Because we’re concerned about what may hit the floor once we start on a new path. But what does that prove? What does it show about yourself – your soul and worth?

It shows your acceptance; your tolerance in a bulk population of submitters. It proves you are willing to survive with as little personal ambition as possible. Why? Because that has become the expectation.

As a people, we dread conflict.

Confrontation triggers within us an internal defensive mode. Though we face such encounters daily, we often look past it. Rather than assertively confronting the issue, we search for ways around it.

This passive behavior prevents us from molding our potential. Instead, we fall in line behind another character. A person with the strength to remain assertive in an actively declining individualistic society.

But your strength is limitless.

You may feel a force holds you back, but you have the potential to be that strong individual. You have the right and capability to become a leader; a hero. An individual adept at pushing the rest of us in the right direction.

Still, you will not get there with a negative outlook. You will never achieve this possibility by giving up and failing to admit your worth.

You only reach this milestone if you give yourself a chance. You must provide the tools to reach out and accept your brilliance.

We are all capable of pushing ahead of the crowd. How You're Stopping Yourself from Becoming Your Own Leader - Pushing Ahead of the Crowd

Your life needn’t require another to tell you yes or no. Opportunity is endless and you are innately free.

Proper leaders are worth their weight in strength, character, and ability. Truly, their care for the progression of our world is impressively sound.

Why aren’t you a leader in your niche?

Perhaps you aren’t a manager. Maybe you aren’t a supervisor, motivational speaker, or coach.

Everyday folks are leaders in their own right – it simply takes a willing eye to locate them.

Coworkers willing to train and work the extra hours simply to maintain a level of excellence in the office. Motivators who use the Internet as a platform to provide inspirational quotes and articles to a growing audience.

In a world filled with gloom and contempt, these motivators actively work to light our path. They reside in unexpected places – small corners of the globe where fame is irrelevant. Such leaders make the most of things regardless of the tools provided.

They don’t do it to gain a following. Their ambition has nothing to do with gaining an advantage.

Leaders aspire to craft progressive changes in a world desperately aching for help.

You needn’t have the title of leader to become one.

We all have that potential inside of us. It isn’t a matter of locating the stamina or strength to lead, but rather our willingness to accept it. Our realization of what a leader truly is; what they do to create a motivated following.

Rather than sitting behind a desk and shouting orders, they lead by example. Pulling the heaviest end of the rope, these folks guide their team to a better tomorrow. In doing so, they illustrate that with strength, achievement is possible.

No one has the right to decree how you should live your life.

No other soul has the freedom to stop you from living your dream; from achieving your goals.

Don’t merely accept and walk through life with a glimmer of hope that things will get better. Refrain from running around for another if their goal is detrimental to your well-being.

Be the leader of your own story. Gain control of your mind.

If you wish to pursue a career in art, do it. Aching to own your own bookstore with a writing gig on the side? Go for it.

No one is telling you no except yourself.

We may all tend to follow the crowd, but this consistency won’t get you anywhere. It’s never going to help you reach success. You can never be sure what lays on the other side of the journey lest you embark on such a trip.

We cannot see into the future to know what consequences may arise.

All we can do is persevere. With optimism, we must hope things will ultimately work out in the end. And most importantly, we must face conflict if it sets itself in our path.

It is with this mindset that a leader is born.

With an open-mind and a trust in instinct, these people remain motivated even through the most inconceivable moments of dreariness.

Do not merely fall in line behind each leader you come across in your lifetime. Become your own motivator; lead yourself.

No one knows your story other than you. No other soul can justly lead you in the right direction. You are tasked with getting yourself in a place best suited for your ambition.

So do yourself a favor – lead your own life.

Don’t get lost in what others deem necessary. Don’t remain one in a long line of followers simply to avoid disaster. Sure, the wave of turbulence crafted by conflict may hit you with less force. But would it be worth it? Would it be worth it to avoid the consequences full on simply to revel in a less hardy aftermath?

What do you ultimately learn from that? While those in front of you face the sharp force of this negativity, what knowledge do you acquire?

Is ignorance truly the answer?

Facing conflict straight on can be more fulfilling than one may realize.

It is through these unwelcome consequences that we learn to persevere. Such disasters teach us the real meaning of determination.

We are human – ambitious, resolute, and aspiring. But we can only reach success if we understand how to cope with disaster.

Do not fall in line because it is what everyone else is doing. Do not falter to a life less fulfilling than you deserve. Refrain from deeming yourself incapable of leading by example. Stop viewing yourself an unlikely leader.

After that, if folks wish to follow, they will. Until then, you must focus on yourself. Ultimately, we all need to learn how to get along in a world full of possibility. And that job is yours to undertake.

Take control of your ambitions, passions, and potential.

Your dreams are awaiting your command.