What Carved You Into Your Modern Self?

Your modern self was carved from a plethora of forces. But what all came together to create this person you have become? Which forces intertwined to form you?

Try ascertaining all that is you. Consider your likes and dislikes. What career path have you chosen? Where has life led you thus far? Who, or what, do you thank for the individual you have grown into?

A religion, perhaps? Whatever God you pray to each night? Whoever you seek guidance from before escaping to a dream-filled world of quiet stories and murky realities?

But consider the books you have read. Perhaps you should thank those. The tales you grew up with. Stories that taught you how to be decent, brave, and selfless. Novels that fulfilled your inner-peace; helped you realize your life’s dream.

Maybe your parents deserve your gratitude. Whomever had a hand in your development, be it your grandparents or an uncle. Whichever guardians provided the pertinent lessons needed for growth. Morals to help you understand the importance of loyalty, trust, and ambition.

Consider the vastness of this life you lead.

Reflect on everything you have encountered; everyone you with whom you’ve spoken.

Pinpointing who or what crafted your development is tough. It’s difficult to assume with certainty that one or two beings molded you into the person you are today. That your childhood books carved you into the person you’ve become. The one who walks amongst society hopeful, goal-ridden, and forever curious.

How could one thing create who we have become? How could one novel write the story to enhance our lives? How could one person – be it a parent, guardian, or idol – be our only influence?

It all seems rather unlikely, doesn’t it? Lessons and complex realizations fill the world around us. The probability that one motto could change the course of an entire future is slim.

You did not grow because of one teacher. Your career path wasn’t based on the wishes of your parents.

The magnitude of influence you face is astounding.

Run with it. Be thankful for all you have encountered. From birth to adolescence, to your teenage years through adulthood, to the years you spend a wise elder of society – be thankful. Reminisce on every novel you have read, each lesson you have learned, and every soul you have met.

Change is inevitable. Life may not be the same as it was ten years ago. But the memory of those experiences serve a lasting purpose.

Always be thankful for the complexities you have encountered. The friends you had but lost. The jobs you have held – no matter the stress they caused. Because in the end, it is the strength of those things that create your modern you. It is the power of those people that helped craft who you are today.

So reflect. Look back upon your experiences with affectionate and understanding eyes. We are far too social and flexible a species to develop from one occurrence.

What created the impressive you we see today?