The Truth Your Motivators Elect to Ignore

An insightful motivator is only as worthy as the inspiration he instills. His value is measured by bits of advice shared with resilience and hope. He is only as good as the words shared in times of despair; actions taken during moments of confusion.

But what happens if the truth is ignored? How helpful was the good fortune preached by that speaker?

Inspirational leaders may point ambitious folks in the right direction. They might caution that potential is wasted if one turns from individual pursuits. Such speakers may decree passion can only be forged through individual effort.

But the message of these motivators are lacking. Their words are void of truth. Their speeches are ignorant of harsh, unadulterated grit – the dark moments you witness and read about daily. These motivators don’t enlighten you fully on the tragedies you may encounter. Consequence may be touched on. Their latest speech might reference a recent, localized tragedy. Yet the event is never expanded upon. The details of the aftermath are somehow averted with lines of optimism and hope.

These inspirational leaders cover up the real issues. They shield chaos from your eyes with nostalgia and words of encouragement. Their discussions are driven with kindness and motivational pep talks.

Fortunately, their speeches hit where you need it most – the heart of your ambition. But their words don’t move you. They don’t help you grasp the full truth of the issues you face.

As you are compelled into a vast and bountiful future, your focus is misaligned. The words of this motivator avert you. They prevent you from understanding the real disaster you may face.

The lies sprouted by the wrongful storytellers of our time must be ignored. Belief in such mantras will only hinder your progress.

Don’t submit to expectations. You won’t reach success if you submit to a false endeavor. Because in the end, those storytellers are wrong. The world is not nearly as easy to face as their stories lead you to believe.

You cannot withstand life without willpower. This can’t be achieved if you aren’t hardened to the truth. Potential can’t be reached – not if the likelihood of tragedy is misjudged.

You must make the effort to comprehend.

In life, disappointment lurks around every damp, peculiar corner. You must take into account all that could falter. If your next venture doesn’t work in your favor, you should be prepared for the aftermath.

Without a solid grip on life, you will crumble. Not because you aren’t strong enough. No, instead you will falter because you didn’t take the time to grasp your life firmly.

Listen to those motivators – the folks with visions of a better tomorrow. But seek those who pair motivation with truth. Pursue those who speak with value. Search for the individuals who enlighten with harsh, raw facts about life and all it entails.

Why? Because your dreams are obtainable.

What you set out to accomplish can be realized. But the potential for disaster must be understood. Without this knowledge, your dreams will be tended to poorly. You will never understand the true fullness of your hopes because you underestimated the consequences.

Dreams are only outweighed by effort.

The path on which you embark is not painless. Life is not a straight line void of curves, detours, and roadblocks. To view your path in this manner is naïve; detrimental to your well-being.

Grip the truth by its limbs – shake off the sugar-coated lies. Don’t let the follies of ill-minded individuals wreak havoc. Ensure your ambition and passions are well cared for.

A successful motivator will pair reality with hope. Seek such a person. With their passion and zest, your motivation to succeed will only increase.