6 Myths About Life Everyone Believes

What’s in a myth? Since the introduction of storytelling, myths have found a home in our hearts. We’ve found solace in the meaning behind famed fables. Bedtime stories of out-of-this-world monsters have intrigued us all.

Storytellers of our past embraced the concept of the myth. You’ve likely heard of a few – Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster.

Somehow, the notion of the myth has somehow spanned past the pages of books. It has settled comfortably into our personal beliefs. Lurking in that fine line between what is real and what is false, these myths have stuck with us.

Your beliefs are your own.

What you choose to believe acts as a weight. These beliefs reassure you. They help you progress when you’ve lost faith in what lies ahead; when you’ve lost touch with yourself.

Our beliefs in life help us stay true to our roots. They keep us grounded.

We’re scattered across this planet tending to our goals; fulfilling our passions – or trying to, anyway. And yet, there is one major commonality that links us together. It’s a link that bonds us all.

What is this link? Life.

We all may embrace it. We all may try our best to live a full life. But we aren’t always capable of seeing past the myths.

Each of us will encounter different things along our personal paths. Different demons stand in our way. Different events help us realize our individual potential. And yet, all differences aside, the belief in a myth can deceive us all.

6 Myths About Life Worth Ignoring

Myths may have merit, but they aren’t always true.

There are some myths worth forgetting. Why? Simply put – they aren’t worth your time.

6 Myths About Life Everyone Believes - Fight Dirty to Get Ahead

1. You have to fight dirty to get ahead.

In some cases, this may be true. When a battle is too far gone and diplomacy is no longer a valuable asset, fighting becomes the only option.

But this isn’t always true.

Getting ahead is more about effort and wit than it is undermining your opponent.

Gaining that promotion is about your abilities as an employee. It’s about your skills and efforts. It’s about the work you put in to make yourself knowingly valuable. Fighting amongst your peers for that promotion isn’t only a slimy move, it also makes you less tasteful.

There are those that feel fighting dirty makes you the better candidate. But that simply isn’t true. There is much to be said for the one who takes the high-road; for the one who crafts their efforts instead of participating in name-calling at a meeting.

Aim to be that person.

2. Life is only well-lived with immediate success in tow.

This is far from the truth.

The journey towards success is just as significant as the endgame. A well-lived life doesn’t rely on success. It relies on the experiences you’ve had; the emotions you’ve felt. What makes a person great isn’t defined in their successes, but in their attitude along the road to get there.

Immediate success is a notion that makes you believe the impossible.

Instant gratification is an impressive factor in today’s society. With the advent of technology and its instantaneous nature, it’s tough to ignore the craving for promptness.

Yet when it comes to what truly matters, when it comes down to the successes your life will truly benefit from – immediate success isn’t really possible.

You have to work to be successful. You must build yourself up to the position you want.

Looking to become a manager at a high-profile PR firm? You’ll have to build up your skills to get there. And yes, you’ll likely have to start at the bottom. Not very appealing, is it? Don’t worry – it’s not the end of the world. Everyone had to start from somewhere.

If you’ve got the right mindset, it may not take as long as you think.

Bottom line: a well-lived life doesn’t depend on immediate success, but rather the steps you take to reach that success.

6 Myths About Life Everyone Believes - Friendships With Less

3. People are less likely to stand by you if you have less.

People misunderstand the concept of attraction. They think that by having more stuff – cars, merchandise, bigger houses, boats, cash – people will like them more. They mistakenly believe people will only stand by them if they have more ‘stuff’ to offer.

And yet, what makes a person worthwhile is their character, not their belongings.

If all you have to offer the world is a plethora of cars and a nice house with a pool, you may want to rethink your priorities.

People don’t make lifelong, real friendships based on the stuff that litters their hallways. They make bonds that last due to substance; due to the very make-up of a person’s soul. People seek companionship in the form of BBQ’s, helpful advice, and trusted listeners.

It’s okay to have less. It’s actually better for you.

No one truly respectful or deserving of your friendship will leave you because of it.

4) Catering to self-progression is a sign of an inflated ego.

Caring for yourself and your self-worth is not an egotistical act. Rather, it’s a necessity. Why? Because your journey is dependent on your growth.

You can’t care for everyone else and leave your needs at the door. Your actions may help others in the short-term. But the long-term effect on you would be disastrous.

You have to cater to your progress as an individual.

The world changes daily. People change. In turn, you must change. And the only way of doing that is by understanding and caring for your own personal well-being.

No, you aren’t being selfish – you’re merely helping yourself along.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re being egotistical the next time you spend a night tending to your needs. Let them know you’re taking the night off to nourish yourself. And then consider whether that person is truly worth your time.

6 Myths About Life Everyone Believes - Your Person

5. Losing yourself to another is a sign of weakness.

People not well-versed in the benefits of romance say love is overrated. They say a romantic relationship is detrimental to your strength. They say marriage isn’t a worthwhile bond to take on.

But losing yourself to another isn’t a sign of weakness. Why? Because finding that person – your person – isn’t easy.

People wait years to reach that moment. Some go through three marriages before finding the one. It’s not a simple task. It takes great strength to deal with all that while maintaining your well-being.

Finding this person should be a life-changing moment. You may not know right away. But you’ll soon realize this person is meant to be by your side. You’ll know he or she is meant to help you change the world in ways you never knew possible.

And perhaps you won’t change much in the grand scheme of things. But in your world, in your personal life, you’ll change enough to make your world shine. You’ll do enough to make your life brighter.

In the end, isn’t that what matters?

The right person, one you lose yourself to, will help you. He or she will brighten your mind on your darkest days. And above all else, this person will help you embrace yourself.

Losing yourself to another isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of great strength.

6. Gratitude is only deserved when the opportunity for it arises.

Gratitude is a tricky concept. People either don’t use it enough, or they overuse it to their own advantage. But true gratitude is so much more meaningful than people realize.

Appreciating someone after they’ve helped you is great. Perhaps you believe those around you, the people who do the most for you, already know you’re grateful.

But here’s the rub: they probably don’t.

This isn’t because they’re ignorant. It’s because they’re too wrapped up in life to realize what they’ve done.

Life is complex. It’s easy to get lost. If you’re truly thankful for an act of kindness sent your way, a simple thank you can’t hurt.

If a coworker helps you take on a loaded project, pay them back with gratitude. Your parents, who would gladly give you the world, deserve more appreciation than you probably show. Sure, holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day help us stay accountable. But is one day out of the year enough? Not in the least.

Gratitude may be tricky, but it isn’t a tough concept. Embrace it. Make sure those who help you, the folks who deserve your gratitude, are provided their dues.

Don’t Believe All the Myths You’re Told

Myths may be a part of our history, but they aren’t all true.

Aligning your views with the majority perspective is natural. Doing anything to the contrary is tough. Still, the myths you’ve heard about deserve a fresh consideration.

Life is more than the successes you meet. Love doesn’t make you weak – it makes you strong. You aren’t selfish because you’ve chosen to care for your own well-being. The best friendships arise from healthy bonds, not stuff. And gratitude is an easy oversight in life.

Take care of yourself. Don’t believe everything you hear. Do your research. And finally, stay true to yourself.

If you know your passion, embrace it your way. Don’t let anyone force you into playing dirty to get ahead.

What myths about life have you heard? Which of these myths should we be most concerned about?

6 Myths About Life Everyone Believes