Why Timing Isn't Everything

Timing is a finicky beast. You can’t always wait until the right moment comes along. If you want something, if you ache to feel full and satisfied in this life, you can’t lay waste to time. You simply can’t wait.

It won’t be easy. You’ve likely heard that timing is everything. Society has been training you in on the art of patience since childhood. But what most feign to realize is that by waiting, opportunities can be lost. By holding off, looking ahead to jump in at the right time, you just might give a potential success to another.

You’re only providing more opportunity to those who are active; more progressive with their ambitions.

While timing can be – and is, at times – a wonderful asset, it doesn’t always provide the fruitful outcomes we hope for.

There are moments that rely fully on timing – finding your spouse after a breakup; locating the right professional fit. In these cases, timing matters. Going through a complex situation will only further your growth. It can take a rough breakup to understand the necessity of a healthy bond. Quite often, you need the job experience from your current position to find the profession that’s right for you.

But not everything in life is like that.

There are moments you must take advantage of. There are times that only come around every so often. And while it’s unlikely you’ll meet and know your soulmate at a glance, you won’t ever know unless you take the initiative to spark a conversation. Promotions aren’t always a reliable occurrence. You’d do well to take advantage of one – if interested – when it comes along.

Timing your life isn’t always the best option.

It may be tough to switch gears. Focusing on how you can make things happen instead of waiting for the right moment isn’t easy. But you must consider it.

Do it for yourself; for the passions that light your nightmares. Do it because if you don’t, someone else will.

Remember – no one else can do this for you. Timing isn’t everything, folks. Remember that and you just might make a change your life has needed for years.

Why Timing Isn't Everything