Childhood Principles Worth Remember

Childhood – a time of growth, unexpected realizations, and joyous experiences.

A pertinent point in our lives, our childhood defines us as individuals. However, that ‘definition’ may not be actualized until later in life. Keep in mind that arriving at this vital understanding is not a race.

As a people, we differ extraordinarily. Certain folks may find their individual definition during their teens. For others, this notion may become fully understood during their 20s. Some are possibly quite settled into adulthood, grasping at straws while attempting to clarify the crucial role of their adolescence.

Our life paths may all seemingly align in theme. But the speed those paths are understood differs for us all. Pinpointing the exact date one will comprehend such a notion is futile. It simply cannot be predicted.

While young, we experienced emotions and witnessed events we likely misunderstood at the time. As time progresses, our understanding of past events gradually takes hold.

Children retain more information than commonly expected. A child who experiences the terrible loss of a loved one may not outwardly illustrate his or her understanding. Nevertheless, that child will stow away that life event. When such an event occurs once more, the child will have the know-how to handle the experience.

The impact of such knowledge may not hit us until we reach adulthood. Nonetheless, it’s all significant – the good bits and the bad.

Bits of wisdom and lessons we’ve been blessed with cannot be measured. But the following notions are worth remembering.

1) There is a first time for everything.

You may fail, succeed, or absolutely despise the task at hand. What truly counts is your effort.

We all begin with little to no knowledge of an action. Climbing a tree for the first time may be frightening, but that feeling is universal. Fall down, pout about it if you must, but don’t let failure defeat you.

Clearly, you aren’t perfect – what fun would that be? Without imperfections, life and its vast list of possibilities would be boring. Don’t aim to be flawless. Ultimately, working for perfection is an unrealistic goal. Aiming for excellence is against the natural order of things.

Instead, realize you aren’t necessarily expected to succeed – especially the first time around. Persevere and you will eventually reach your intended goal. Only through effort will you come to understand the task at hand.

Carry this thought with you on your next adventures.

Remember – the road ahead may appear daunting. But the final stretch will arrive quicker than expected if you persevere. Take it one step at a time and always remain positive.

Childhood Principles - The Simple Things

2) The simple things carry the most meaning.

Appreciate the small moments, those often overlooked due to busy schedules and exhausting time constraints.

Life gets hectic. But part of living a healthy lifestyle depends on those wonderfully simple moments.

Don’t live your life in regret. Our loved ones are often snatched from us sooner than expected. Participate in family outings – learn to enjoy such excursions. Make the effort and others will do the same.

Does your family plan an annual fall trip to an apple orchard? Tag along! Participate in camping trips with friends and family. Though the task of getting everyone from Point A to Point B seems overwhelming, the trip will be a fantastic experience.

  • Play hide-and-seek with your younger siblings or cousins. The game, though simple to you, means the world to them.

  • Enjoy a sunset with your significant other. Truly appreciate nature and its vivid beauty.

  • Pay compliments forward – especially to strangers. A simple, “I love your sweater! It suits you wonderfully!” can put a little ‘oomph’ back in that person’s day.

Make someone smile, and maybe – just maybe – they will do the same for another. Life is precious. Savor its wonder and fully appreciate the simple things.

3) What feels permanent can always change.

Promises are often broken, betrayal occurs, and faith is lost.

If life feels sour, and you aren’t sure whether a good change is heading your way – hold tight! That change will likely hit you when least expected. Conversely, if things are going well, don’t be surprised if that notion changes.

As a child, you may not understand or truly feel the weight of extraordinary changes within your household. But ultimately, those changes, no matter how small, will play a pivotal role in your life. In turn, you will become better defined as an individual. How you handle those changes will illustrate your strength and determination. Likewise, your grasp on life will drastically depend on the outcome of such altering situations.

No matter the circumstance, remember that life frequently throws curveballs. Appreciate what you have, but prepare yourself for any surprising changes.

Adapting to change with a positive mindset will help you considerably in the long run.

Childhood Experiences Are Worth Remembering

You may not recall every past experience. But the ones that matter, those that brought about lessons you implement into your daily life – those are the incidents that make life sweet. It is from those experiences the merit of your childhood truly rings true.

Your youth will always be significant.

You may not think back on your childhood daily. You may even despise the better part of your past. But everything you experienced, both the good and bad, are important. And those experiences will always matter.

What childhood experiences do you still remember? Are those lessons still pertinent to your adult life? Let us know!