Why Your Personal Time Is Valuable

Being social is innately human. We depend on conversation. Our time spent with loved ones and the pursuit of new experiences with those people is undeniably normal.

For most folks, this mantra is true. We thrive on the excitement and adrenaline of others. It pushes us; motivates us to continue when only bleak skies of uncertainty lay ahead. But there is another force even more powerful than the spirit of others.


You’ve been programmed into thinking that a quiet person is someone to stay away from. That an individual who prefers solace on a Saturday night over the intensity of a party is a loner. An introvert. A hermit. A recluse.

Remaining completely unsocial isn’t terribly healthy. But a little alone time never hurt anyone, either.

Folks often put far too much energy into others, losing sight of something vastly important: their own well-being. Living happily stems from more than just a healthy outer-shell. Your job may be rewarding, your kids may brighten the hallways of your home, and your marriage may last a lifetime.

But those perks rely on your own self-love.

Here are some reasons you should start to value your personal time.

– Self-love encourages healthy relationships.

Without a solid understanding and respect for your own well-being, your external relationships won’t flourish. Your marriage, friendships, and platonic relationships at the office will never truly be healthy.

You must take time to care for yourself. Maintain healthy habits; take care of your body. Pay attention to your needs when they arise. Once you’ve begun allocating time to yourself, you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel. Like a jigsaw puzzle, your other relationships will fall into place.

– Your passion matters – don’t lose it!

Too often, we set aside our personal desires to encourage the progress of others. But what happens when, amidst the chaos, your dreams get tossed to the wayside?

What will you do, 10 years from now, when you realize you never pursued that nursing degree? When you remember you were far too busy focusing on the success of those around you? Will you live in regret? Perhaps continue on, feeling foolish, yet submitting because that spark has left your mind?

Don’t be that person.

If you are passionate about mountain climbing, embark on a new adventure! Itching to teach? It’s never too late to pursue a career in education. Your personal time matters – use it well.

Pursue your passions. Set aside time to progress in a field you love. A successful person isn’t judged by what they’ve accomplished. Rather, it’s the work, dedication, and time they put in that screams volumes. None of this can be done without commitment to yourself.

– True happiness comes from within.

In the view of others, you may exude joy. Perhaps, in your social circle, you are consistently deemed the happiest.

But just how real is that emotion? How happy are you really?

If you don’t allow yourself any personal space, you will never truly be happy. Sure, you may show excitement for the success of others. But it isn’t real unless you are happy with yourself.

Your state of mind, heart, and body should be at peace with one another. Though you are smiling on the outside, you might be crying on the inside. Take care to ensure your happiness. Spend time on your personal growth.

Then, you will truly be able to share in the joy of your peers.

– Personal rejuvenation is vital to your well-being.

This doesn’t require a ton of your time. For some, a mere 2 hours a week will suffice. Others may need a full day.

Remaining a healthy contributor and participant in your relationships takes effort. Being a sound communicator in the face of conflict requires a healthy conscious.

In order for this to be accomplished, you must rejuvenate yourself. Perhaps a run will do the trick. Or, maybe you need a night off settled on a comfy couch with a classic novel and a steaming cup of tea. You might require a marathon of your favorite television show.

Your body and mind need healing.

You may not have experienced anything drastic as of late. This past week might not have forced you into any stressful situations. It’s entirely possible the last couple days were completely dull. Nonetheless – you must allow time for your well-being to recover.

The best way to do this is through alone time.

You may enjoy spending time with your friends. But the adrenaline of that experience will only add to the stress already inflicted on your body. Recuperate in a manner well-suited to your needs, but try doing so alone. You will be surprised how much better you feel.

Make Time For Yourself

Your experiences will feel more rewarding. The energy exerted after an impromptu road trip will be more real.

Why? Because you gave yourself the attention you required. Not selfishly, but out of necessity, to protect the thing you have the most control over: your personal well-being.

Take care of yourself. Your progress depends on you.