6 Reasons Your Life is Better Than You Believe

Your life consists of experiences. These occurrences are either good, bad, or something in between. Yet due to human nature, the most discussed experiences are bad. Conversation starters tend to rely on the terrible, grotesque, stressful, and difficult.

The good incidents that pop up throughout our lives are tossed aside. Sure, they may be remembered when appropriate. But ultimately, such happenings are forgotten to make room for the more entertaining.

Thus, your life is made worse. You forget the good. Ultimately, you feel as though you’ve been trampled. As if you’ve lost a race in which you weren’t aware you were participating. You become sullen, distant, and eventually lose respect for the world around you.

Fortunately, your life is far better than you believe.

Remembering that fact might simply take some guidance. When you next feel lonely, and begin to view a sunset with disdain, recall these points.

1. Your future – though perhaps currently gloomy – is bright.

Dark days may line your immediate future. Perhaps an upcoming task or stress from work has deterred your immediate happiness. Maybe you haven’t yet overcome the sorrow of a passing relative.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The getting there may be tough. Your faith may diminish bit by bit along the way. But ultimately, your next triumph will arrive sooner than expected.

Your future, though seemingly unlikely, is bright. Don’t let the dreariness take hold.

Your Life is Better Than You Believe - Opportunities are Endless

2. Opportunities are endless.

The prospects you’re searching for are out there. It may take effort on your part. Such possibilities will likely be difficult to find. They may be hidden, deep beneath a bed of despair, stress, and internal struggles.

But those opportunities are out there.

Often, the more intense your journey is, the more rewarded you’ll feel. Don’t lose hope when you don’t meet success. Sooner than you expect, you will find what you seek.

3. Got problems? So does everyone else.

Whether your house was just foreclosed, you were given devastating news, or your family pet died – we all face issues. From the lowest extreme to the highest, problems are simply a part of life. A new struggle may pop up each day.

But what sets you apart from the rest isn’t how you linger on or discuss these setbacks. It’s how you handle them that truly show your worth.

Don’t remain tied to an issue you simply cannot change.

Do your part; help out if possible. Once you’ve done all you can, move on. Said problems should not have enough force to keep you down. If they do, you’re giving them far too much attention.

4. You are skilled. Your abilities are needed.

You may deem your painting ability useless. But the portrait you recently produced may strike the eye of a stranger. Perhaps this person has lost sight of the world’s beauty. Your depiction of the night sky, masterfully crafted with hues of purple and blue, sparks his memory. Rather than keeping it to himself, he takes his family on a hiking trip. For the first time in years, this man was given the tools to feel again.

It all came down to that portrait, created with your natural skill.

It may take time for your worth to be noticed or understood by the right people. But someday, your expertise in human nature may save a wounded soul from himself. Perhaps your deductive reasoning skills will eventually be utilized on a detective force.

Those seemingly ridiculous poems you’ve written over the years? One day, you may allow a band opportunity to utilize those words as lyrics. Your words may eventually inspire a larger population that you could ever imagine.

Your skill may feel pointless. Eventually, though, it will serve a purpose – even if it hasn’t already.

4. Money, though necessary, isn’t the root of everything.

Stressed about bills? Wondering if today will be the day you resort to loan inquiry to pay off your mortgage? These worries manifest everywhere and vary in each household. Fortunately, cash doesn’t rule everything.

There are many things that simply cannot be bought. The glow in your child’s eyes on Christmas morning as they notice Santa did, in fact, eat the cookies left by the fireplace. A warm sunset on a sticky July night experienced with your closest pals. The smell of a summer breeze wafting up your nose on a morning stroll. A goodnight kiss shared between two lovers at midnight.

Those memories make you richer than any amount of money ever could.

So, the next time you feel you have nothing, consider your life as a whole. Can you count those experiences on just two hands? If so, you aren’t thinking hard enough. Money isn’t everything. You are richer than you realize.

6. What you have is precious.

The things you put the least thought into would complete another. What you may take for granted in your life, another would praise.

The strength of your marriage. Your ability to choose what to eat with your family each day. The ability to take care of yourself without another’s aid. Independent thought – the freedom to think whatever you please.

The gifts you’ve been given, opportunities you’ve found, strength you’ve sustained – it’s all precious. With each passing day, you may forget your blessings. You may grow weary and take for granted your ability to walk during stressful times.

But you have it better than you realize. Understand just how fortunate you are. Don’t lose sight of what’s truly important.

Your life, though tough at times, is better than you believe.

We all face difficulties. Our best days are often overrun by disappointment and stress.

But you’ve got it better than you think.

Relish in the good; put to rest the bad. Then, once you’ve figured it out for yourself, spread the word! Help each other. Perhaps, one day, we will all stop feelings sorry for ourselves.

Maybe, eventually, we’ll fully regain our happiness.

Perhaps then we might finally save our souls from delusional misconceptions and false thoughts.