Staying Focused in a Fast-Paced World

We have been programmed to stumble about this fast-paced world with conviction – even if it means we do so blindly. Even if it means we’ll make potentially avoidable mistakes.

We, all of us, are spinning – hitting each other, fighting amongst ourselves as we climb to victory. Surpassing our competition even in things we deem meaningless simply to keep up appearances.

We do this not necessarily because we want to. Not merely because of our innate, ferocious desire to succeed. We do it because we’re conditioned this way.

In life, things get loud.

Our fast-paced world is manageable, but it can harm you. Bring you down in ways you least expect. Take you down the rabbit hole with no trace of your existence left behind. Well, other than your last social media update.

Things are often done mindlessly; without purpose. In the dawn of social-media and innovative technology, we’re afraid to slow down. Worried we might miss something if we enjoy a moment of peace; a serene bit of calm.

We’re scared an opportunity will be lost if we take the less hectic, slow-lane once in a while. But we can’t live on overdrive. We can’t run face-first into the world without any sense of calm. Without a purpose. We can’t run blindly into life’s complexities and unknowns.

Our bodies weren’t built to withstand everything; we can only handle so much. Our minds aren’t equipped to sort things out with immediate success.

The little things are provided far less attention than they deserve.

As the world progresses around us, we take far more than we should for granted.

We inhabit a world that runs off energy; off the fumes of electricity, internet, and social-media. We became so attached to these innovations that we’ve begun to lose ourselves amidst the chaos.

We’ve come to rely on these things that have enabled our growth; enhanced our progression. Not because we necessarily want to. Not because we’d rather it be this way. No, instead we rely on such things because we need to.

It’s as if the only way to keep up – to adapt alongside a changing populace that is constantly in flux – is to embrace these innovations. To utilize these things that were at one point mere ideas. Scrambled thoughts of an innovative thinker unafraid to think outside the realm of current possibility. A person courageous enough to share his – or her – seemingly improbable thoughts with the world.

It seems these innovations simply came about at the right time, flexing alongside humanity as we learned how to properly edit a social-media post.

While these things have their benefits – trust me, they’re numerous – they are similarly embedded with some noteworthy consequences. Still, there are just some things worth utilizing – even if the consequences include limited face-to-face human interaction. Technology is one of them.

We’ve progressed into this fast-paced, innovative world.

If we were to simply stop utilizing the products and innovations that led us to this point, what good would come of it? Where would we be?

Perhaps you prefer handwritten letters over e-mail, but does your family? Probably not. Staying in touch with the rest of the world calls for flexibility. As humanity evolved, so did our world.

Successfully adapting to these changes is beneficial; necessary, even. But it needn’t override your sense of calm. It shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the little things.

Your life is still yours to manage.

In order to effectively adapt to these changes, you must care for yourself.

Sure, it’s become second-nature to rely on e-mail as a means of communication. But that shouldn’t stop you from in-person conversation. The need for personal, social interaction is still essential – even if it appears to be something we could do without. Even if it seems we’ve moved past that basic act.

We still search for physical comfort. We still ache for this aspect of humanity that has slowly lost its edge. Amidst these innovations, we’ve succumbed to a lifestyle void of physical contact. A fast-paced routine so complex we’ve slowly begun to lose our primary objectives.

Fortunately, it’s possible to come back from this – no matter how altered your ambition has become.

Embrace change. But don’t sacrifice your personal achievements to benefit another.

Your soul is fragile – it can break easily. You can only handle so much.

Don’t follow a trend if it alters your chosen path. Refrain from moving too quickly. Stop once in a while – revel in your past achievements. Use the innovations of this fast-paced world to your advantage. But don’t lose yourself in the mix.

Your success depends on your ability to stay true to yourself.