Why Weakness is a Figment of Your Imagination

We are only as weak as we lead ourselves to believe. Strength – though glossed with thick, stereotypical connotations – resides in all of us.

Your power may not be flashy. You may not be a naturally gifted artist. Your math skills may not lead to a successful career as an accountant. You may not win the gold medal for the longest run. But you are stronger than you know. Your strength may simply be delicate; more subtle than that of another.

Humanity is unique. We are not identical, neither in spirit nor appearance.

Earth is littered with complex diversity; characters of different origins, races, and backgrounds.

People contribute – whether knowingly or not – to the progress of an ever-changing world. Those contributions stem from strength; from whatever inner-power we possess. A seemingly weak person simply hasn’t found his or her calling. They’ve yet to latch onto whatever moves them; whatever transforms them into the person they are meant to be.

Our true strength won’t miraculously appear when called. It won’t take hold of our life when we’re asked to choose a profession. When we’re asked the unavoidable question, “What do you plan to do with your life?” Some know at age 10. Others aren’t so lucky, left to tackle jobs and crafts with no real passion until the right motivator comes along.

We cannot judge – not until our story has been given opportunity to grow. Until we’ve been given the chance to reach our true potential.

Like the color of your skin, strength differs for everyone.

Your peers may reach their calling first. They may understand the force that motivates them sooner than you. But just know you aren’t behind.

People progress at different rates. We handle things – unfortunate events, tragic incidents – differently. If we all reached our potential simultaneously, our world would remain stagnant – constantly shifting downwards without the right mind to mend it.

We cannot be tamed to what we deem a personal weakness.

In order to reach our full potential – to successfully understand and embrace our strength at the right moment – we must be ready. Prepared. Willing to adapt. None of this can be done if we perceive ourselves as weak; if we wrongfully trust those preconceived ideals of negativity.

We’ve all got a calling; a strength that sets us apart from the rest. An ability that showcases how capable we truly are. It may take time and it won’t come easy. But weakness is a figment of an intrusive society’s ideals. And you are more than whatever such naysayer’s decree.

So pursue your ambitions. Don’t let potential risks scare you from achieving your goals. You’re stronger than you know.

Utilize that strength; let it guide you. Allow it to push your mind forward, even if society’s ideals stand in the way.

You are an individual – not a pawn.

Weakness needn’t control you. Rather, it should instigate your ambition; motivate you to find what makes you who you are. So learn, adapt, and most importantly – have courage. Your potential is waiting.