How to Rid Negativity from Your Life

Negativity gnaws at the most important parts of your soul; the bits of your life that help you progress and develop. It instills within you a different perspective. It makes you feel your actions, however significant, are unworthy.

Negativity enforces the ideal that your chosen path is irrelevant to your ambitions.

The life you lead is shaped by this notion. Pessimism eats at your desires. It instills a toxicity that depletes motivation; kills inspiration. For some, this dampens spirits to the point of no return. It can stop an ambitious person from achieving their dreams with ease. It wreaks havoc on an intellectual pursuit that could potentially change the world.

How to Rid Your Life of Negativity - Dodinsky

Small bits of negativity may not seem like much.

Sulking in the damp, minute corners of your life, pessimism may not be directly visible. Yet even those small nabs at your self-confidence have consequences. You may not realize the harm until much later. The destructive life choices you made in previous years may not be obvious. It may take the fall of your business to understand. You may not recognize the real costs until your marriage ends in a messy divorce.

Insignificant, unconnected choices form together perfectly to craft your ending. Until disaster strikes, you will never expect the consequences. It takes the termination of a dream to instill appreciation for these mistakes.

Fortunately, ridding negativity from your life is possible. Regardless of how much has accumulated, no matter the cost, pessimism is not final. The consequences toxicity crafts can be avoided.

Rid yourself of negativity with these tips.

1) Relieve Yourself of the Unnecessary

What comprises your life? Does your lavish life make you feel better? Does your tendency to outweigh your needs work for you? Does the thought of another piece of art on your walls make you feel significant?

If so, remember this: negativity hides in the unnecessary.

The more you buy, the less content you will feel. Merchandise, however aesthetically pleasing, are only objects. Pieces that cannot provide the drive your ambition requires to sustain itself. These things will never craft the positive life you crave.

In order to fully rid yourself of negativity, you must relieve yourself of the unnecessary. Stop giving into that desire to buy items you believe will please your inner-critic. More merchandise will not craft the happiness you desire. The less you must fret over, the more effort you can put into yourself.

Negativity will never leave your life if you give too much attention to the insignificant.

2) Find Time to Care for Yourself

How to Rid Negativity from Your Life - Find Time to Care for Yourself

Have you taken note of all that influences your life? Are you aware of all you do on a daily basis? Consider how much of that is actually worth your time.

Let’s break down the day of an average person. Rhonda gets up at 7 a.m. every morning, showers, and grabs her coffee and breakfast to go. During the workday she handles client issues and eats lunch while answering phone calls. At 5 p.m. each weekday, Rhonda clocks out and heads home. There, she eats dinner with her family and tends to the house before heading to sleep. She then begins the cycle once more. And on and on it goes.

You may say all that is necessary. You may find Rhonda’s day quite comparable to your average workday. And perhaps you are right – to an extent, at least.

But consider the unnecessary things Rhonda encounters each day. Why does she rush to get to work each morning? What prevents her from tending to personal needs once her shift is completed? In a word, time. This is what stops Rhonda from achieving all she hopes to during the week.

Working on that novel while settling customer inquiries may be impossible. But your time outside of work can be utilized to do just that.

If you find time management difficult, change your habits. Get up earlier. Work on personal things before the workday begins. Add in a run or a Zumba class in the evenings.

To rid the negativity from your life, you must schedule your life accordingly. After all, time is our greatest enemy. There is never enough of it. Luckily, you can better manage it to help your life blossom into one worth living.

Set time aside to train for that marathon. Find time during the evening hours to read the books on your shelf. Distance yourself from what is insignificant, or what can be organized into another day, in order to begin that scrapbook you have been aching to put together.

Negativity is only as powerful as you deem it. Don’t let it win. Your time is valuable.

3) Befriend Those Who Instill Positivity 

How to Rid Negativity from Your Life - Befriend Those Who Instill Positivity

How has your circle changed? Who comprises your friend list on an average weekly outing? Consider the people you spend the most time with. Are their lives, for the most part, whole? Are these folks supportive of your endeavors? Are they positive in even the most troubling situations? Are their directions crafted by them rather than others?

If yes, then pat yourself on the back. You have befriended a positive bunch of people. Yet not all are as fortunate. Some remain friends with those who instill negativity. These relationships are often the hardest to leave. The actions of such pessimists craft the negativity in your life.

Perhaps the notion of one person preventing your dreams sounds preposterous. You may not believe the toxicity of one could carry such power. Yet the truth exists in the consequences they create.

Sadly, not many people see this truth. Folks don’t often recognize their toxic attitude until it’s too late. Those in the line of fire are unaware until their dreams are lost.

Take a good look at the people you provide your attention. Consider the folks you call to grab a few drinks on a Saturday night. How positive are they?

Weed out those who reap negativity. Your life will be better off. Your dreams will ultimately be safer and far more achievable.

4) Stay Out of Toxic Environments

How to Rid Negativity from Your Life - Stay Out of Toxic Environments

Toxicity seeps into people’s lives like a cancerous poison. It portrays its power in relationships, work environments, and public settings. Yet people don’t realize the harm it causes until it’s too late.

The toxicity folks allow into their lives is astounding. People stay locked into contracts beyond their control. They resist the urge to jump ship because the desire for job security is too great. They stay in loveless marriages because the consequences of a divorce are too risky.

How far will you go before you realize the truth? How much will you endure?

How many painful hours will you tolerate for an unworthy boss before realizing your potential? How much of your self-confidence will deplete before you understand the penalties of your relationship?

Let’s be honest – promises can be broken. Not all relationships are meant to last. Sometimes, the job you landed post-college is not worth the sacrifices it demands.

If you don’t love it and the toxicity is too great, change it! Only you have the power to do this. Don’t lay waste to an environment you don’t deserve.

Rid yourself of toxicity. The negativity surrounding your life will only deplete. In turn, your happiness will increase.

How to Rid Negativity from Your Life - Negativity Isn't Worth the Aftermath

Negativity Isn’t Worth the Aftermath

You all deserve a life worthy of your passions. You deserve the freedom to pursue your dreams with encouragement and positivity.

But negativity will put a damper in your potential. Don’t let pessimism halt your ambitions. Surround yourself with positive people and rid yourself of the unnecessary. Provide yourself the time you deserve. Don’t lose yourself to a toxic environment.

You should be working towards what makes you happy. If that means you lose a few friends or take some life-changing career risks, so be it.

Why submit to negativity when your significance is far more substantial?

What tips do you have for improving your life? How do you rid yourself of negativity?

Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below!