The Significance of a Personal Quest

Your life is driven by the quest for completion.

What factors into this accomplishment depends on you. It’s based on your ambition. It rests on whatever life path you have embarked on. Ultimately, your search is influenced by the deepest depths of your desires.

We are social; conversationally literate. We hope to reach personal ambitions according to our own journey. We believe that somehow, surrounded by the detours and tragedies life throws our way, our dreams will be reached; souls freed from negativity. And we all ache for a promising future.

We strive for such goals because we are human. We do this because our humanity – the emotion, physical strength, and wonder within us – aches for this quest.

Some ache for their soulmate. Their lives are led by an intense longing for the one. They strive to find completion in another person; the one who fits their temperament, body, and soul with ease. Others search for the thing that moves them. These forward-thinking folks pursue a lifelong passion. They seek to fulfill their ambition with substance; something to keep them motivated as they traverse life’s journey.

Brilliant minds with a knack for technology and science pursue the cure for dementia. They research with an underlying hope to gain back a love tragically lost to disease. Entrepreneurs actively pursue corporate life. Those with adventurous souls aim to sail the 7 seas; witness Earth’s natural wonders. And some search for things closer to home – a family, or perhaps a simple life void of conflict.

What are you searching for?

Whatever this thing is, don’t lose it to a critic with ill intent. Naysayers may lead you astray. They might decree your ambition is unworthy. But remember: you have the right to your own quest. You are worth the trek you undertake to reach those goals.

The endgame is worth the time spent on this journey.

Perhaps you long for that career you dreamed of as a child. Maybe the notion of meeting the love of your life persuades you to keep moving forward. That friend you lost 10 years ago to a heated argument? Perhaps you wish to make peace.

Regardless of your quest, you can do it.

You are not so different from your peers. You feel the same. Different things may drive you. Opposing forces may lead you down differing paths. Yet the emotions that tease your growing ambition is similar to your neighbor’s.

Love, ambition, passion, and loss touch all of humanity. Your quest may lead you astray; perhaps disappointment will alter your mindset.

Yet choice is the best gun in your arsenal. A decision you make now may not be effective – not right away. But that business you began as a wide-eyed and ambitious entrepreneur? It just might blossom into a blooming success. Transferring universities mid-way through your undergraduate might lead you to your soulmate.

You will never know until you try. You cannot possibly know until you begin. Ignore the ill intent of those unable to progress. Pay no mind to the folks aching to tear down your ambition.

Your search is worth the effort, regardless of the hardships encountered. What ignites your personal quest?