Self-Sufficiency - Embrace It

Self-sufficiency is a lifestyle you can’t afford to ignore. You can’t depend on life to get you ahead. You can’t depend on the gracious nature of others to further your ambitions.

It’s unrealistic to think that your passion will be realized and ensured by another.

Your journey, regardless of the hardships ahead, is yours to craft. No one else will create for you the life you know you deserve. Nothing in life is fair – ever. You will never have your dreams realized instantaneously. Spontaneous gratification is a fanciful dream in a world of realistic, average, everyday horrors culminating in the sweat of an average Joe.

It’s disastrous to think anything in life could be achieved without a thought towards consequence. Without that inkling of doubt, where would you be? Second-guessing ourselves is a quality most tend to overrule, whether through strength, confidence, or plain ignorance. They take their decisions in stride and ultimately choose the easier path.

In the end, they decide that if the potential for consequence is completely disregarded – though the reality of it may be facing them head-on – they just might be okay in the end.

They choose to remain ignorant. They opt to persist, ever hopeful, against a sea of like-minded individuals all anticipating an ending with the same conclusion.

But what is a life without effort? What have you truly accomplished if the dream you relish is realized with bland determination and a low dose – if any – of courage? What success have you met if you get there without an ounce of self-sufficiency?

Humanity pushes for qualities you may not realize are tucked away. Strengths hiding quietly within your arsenal – courage, pride, and enough readiness to prep yourself for whatever unfortunate consequences may arise.

Self - Sufficiency - Requires Traits of the Brave

You are equipped with the tools for a solemn tragedy. You’ve been given the ability to deal with what makes the world less than ideal. With these gifts comes a great deal of wealth. Not in riches of gold, gems, or precious jewels. No, this wealth arrives in the form of qualities; traits that set you apart from your peers. Abilities that allow you to take what the world places in front of you with a grain of sand in one hand and a fistful of courage in the other.

You cannot second-guess, for the world is far too impatient. The world is too unprepared for the consequences you may unravel simply by not allowing yourself the courage to step forward.

You can’t stop life before the best moments of your time are realized. You can’t smolder a fire that just began because the feelings of others concerns you. You are your own person. Mind, body, soul – all this is yours to control. The say of others holds no meaning.

You have been tasked the seemingly impossible job of protecting your own life; ensuring your own personal journey. And when it comes down to it, this task may feel more daunting than it should.

But know this – you aren’t alone.

You, along with the rest of us, have been tasked this same quest. You have been given the opportunity, tools, and ambition to carry out the demand your life requests. The passion asked of you to fulfill will differ for everyone. But for you, the complete ambition will remain the same – a constant, ever faithful reminder that what is good and meant to be will always occur. A message that what should happen will always happen. And perhaps most importantly, the events surrounding the happenstances that progress your life will occur the way in which they are meant.

You don’t need to rely on another to complete the life you’re meant to live.

The ambition of another isn’t needed on your quest for a brighter and better personal tomorrow. Without the light that glows within your soul, the passion you seek will never be felt; the goals for which you ache will never be wholly realized.

You are not reliant on the whim of another. You cannot hope for the ambition of another to rise and greet yours like a lost puppy and its owner. You are more self-sufficient than you realize, more self-serving than you’d care to admit. Which, let’s be clear, isn’t a bad thing. You’re simply not as willing to put up with nothing on your quest for what you know is better.

Self-Sufficiency: A Better Way to Live

You aren’t harming anyone but yourself by disregarding your importance. Knowledgably feigning from promoting yourself is a sign of weakness.

It may take time. And perhaps you will falter a few times before fully incorporating this quality into your life. Just know the world doesn’t end when you fall. There is always another chance to pick yourself back up and try again.

An ambition left to the hands of another is a goal unmet. Don’t rely on another to do what you can do for yourself.

Embrace self-sufficiency. Your passions will be grateful of your choice.