The Secret of a Happy Life

A blissful, happy life is an experience sought after by all. Everyone aches for a diverse, spontaneous, passionate journey. Thus, happiness is given more attention than any other emotion. Why? Because being happy is the ultimate goal – whether or not you admit it to yourself.

People have said there is no secret to being happy. Folks stuck in the dark have discouraged the act of finding your own happiness. In their opinion, it isn’t something you yourself can ensure.

Yet there are simple, easily maintained acts you can start today. Behaviors you can begin to help you see the light. Actions you can take to help you understand that happiness isn’t always forged through blood, sweat, and tears. On the contrary, happiness is crafted through decency and the ability to progress in a hectic world.

Some may be held back by an obscure government, a demanding family, or the shackles of a rough life. But happiness is a universal right. It a isn’t complex success only deserved by the majority. It’s an emotional experience earned by all.

Happiness Is a Necessary Quest

Being happy is not based on the wealth you accumulate over time. To live a full life, content with all you have and all that is to come, you must take control. And no, it isn’t a secret ability only possible for the physically and financially capable.

The resilient are those able to look well ahead at the big picture. They are the folks who pick themselves up after a conflict. The individuals who realize their own abilities in the face of a critic. The strong are those who take into account what it truly means to live a passionate life.

And you deserve to be one of the tough.

4 Ways to Live a Happy Life

1. Live Passionately

Life cannot be led without passion.

Consider the characters in stories you read as a child – the hero who always succeeded in the end, one way or another. Think about the researchers who make leaps in scientific discovery each day. Reflect on the experiences of a doctor who faces death and disease in the confined walls of a trauma unit.

Without passion, these folks would never persevere. They would never fulfill their own personal quest to reach their ambition. Without passion, one cannot persevere. Without perseverance, goals cannot be met; disease cannot be cured; lives cannot be saved. Without passion, loss would always trump love. Without passion, life would never progress.

You may not know where the next bend will lead. You might not know if you will ever become the next Picasso. But go after that next opportunity with passion. In doing so, you will be well on your way to a living a happy life.

2. Love Unconditionally

Love, as the saying goes, certainly makes the world go around. But remember, folks – love unrequited is worse than none at all.
Love is not a one-way street. This form of affection – if it’s true – must be given appropriately. Once you’ve found those who meet your love halfway, don’t let go. Let them guide you on your path to happiness.

You need more than yourself to get along in this world. Maintaining optimism is never easy if you’re facing the bleak parts of life alone. So love unconditionally. Love openly. In turn, you’ll feel much more at ease. You will feel free; as though a weight has lifted from your body. You will be able to then place more effort on your life’s path.

The Secret to a Happy Life - The Unknown

3. Reach For The Unknown

Don’t falter when life prevents you from taking the easy path.

The possible may be just barely out of arm’s reach. But don’t stop your ambition. Don’t let uncertainty scare you.

Remember that not all possibilities are tangible. Nothing in life will ever be easy. What you want most is likely hidden by a mess of obstacles, critics, and terrible employers. You will encounter frightening problems, issues you may feel can never truly be resolved.

Yet happiness does not come from the predictable, mundane aspects of life. Those experiences may add to your comfort, but the revelations will drive you. The intrigue, suspense, and wealth of possibility crafted when you reach for the unknown – these experiences will push you forward.

Not knowing provides more of a happiness boost than you’d think.

4. Stop Telling Yourself No

Don’t push aside your own ambition in an effort to please another. Stop focusing your energies on what is out of your hands. And please, for your own sake, stop telling yourself no.

The human population has traversed into the 7 billion range. The folks on this planet are a plethora of creatives, scientific minds, teachers, painters, carpenters – the list goes on. But everyone excels in one particular area. And the longer you tell yourself you can’t push for that ambition, the longer your path will be delayed. The longer it will take for you to become like the rest – an individual, ambitious mind that settles well in the collective. A passionate, self-minded person with a motivated personality and a deep desire to live a happy life.

Stop telling yourself no. You will only slow yourself down. Your journey is far more significant than your peer may make you think.

5. Realize Your Worth

Do you know how valuable you are? Have you given yourself a proper evaluation?

Your opinion of yourself may be biased. You may suffer from an extreme case of self-loathing. Perhaps you simply cannot see yourself for who – and what – you really are.

Folks – take a breath. Calm your mind. Rid yourself of those self-injuring thoughts. For a moment, consider all that encompasses you. Take into account all you’ve accomplished. Realize the good you have done from childhood to adulthood. Consider the goals you have successfully met. Think about the people you’ve reached. How much have you done for this world? What good have you poured into the society that surrounds you? And most importantly – consider all you have done for both yourself and your loved ones.

You have likely done more than you know.

To live a happy life, you must realize your worth. Take into account the value you put forth; the significance of all you have given the world. Don’t forget – you have more wealth than you realize.

Let Happiness Control Your Life

For your own potential, give into happiness. Let it become you. Don’t falter when life breaks you down. Instead, consider your worth. Stop living on a half-empty tank full of unsupportive friends and an uninspiring ambition.

Live with a passion that takes over your whole being. Push forward and combat what comes at you with the knowledge that your life is worth living to its fullest. To live a happy life is an opportunity deserved by all. Start today! Take action. Your path to utter joy is waiting.