Why You Don't Change Fully with Age

People say there’s no shame in change; that life gets better with age. They say that what is bound to happen will be easier if you learn to adapt.

And to an extent, they’re right.

An open-mind truly opens doors. It’s far easier to live in this constantly shifting world successfully with a progressive mindset. After all, humanity would have never gotten this far if they hadn’t accepted the necessity of change.

But what does this mean for your past?

As we age, we learn. We come to understand right and wrong. We grow to love and even hate parts of the world. We study our past in order to create a better, brighter future. Yet while we grow, we change. We adapt to our surroundings. Our personality is altered delicately over the years to ensure our survival.

And yet, how much do we really change? Just how much of ourselves is altered as we lead our lives?

There is far more of our past-self present in the now. And these bits are more recognizable than they ever were in the past.

Sure, your ambitious nature may have toned down over the years. Perhaps you’re now showcasing this passion in your professional attitude; in the way you carry yourself amongst your peers.

That selfless attitude that once made you vulnerable may now be distant. Perhaps it’s now only evident to those who matter. Rather than opening yourself up to potential harm, you now provide only a select few your unfiltered kindness.

Why You Don't Change Fully with Age

Regardless of how you grow or how well you adapt, you can’t lose the true make-up of your soul.

Those parts of you – the traits you’ve shone since childhood – these are the pieces of you time cannot degrade. They are a part of you. And, like an organism, they change as you grow, slowly morphing into the parts of you now visible to the world.

This doesn’t mean all childhood qualities will maintain into adulthood. But the significant qualities, the few that craft your true character, will remain. How well you handle those traits is up to you. But just know, you’re likely showcasing those pieces of you in ways you’ve yet to fully comprehend.


Because you are still growing. You’re still changing with the natural rhythm of the world.

One doesn’t reach a significant milestone in life and suddenly stop, without warning, no emergency brake to pull. Rather, you will keep progressing. You will keep growing. And, until death will you part, you will continue changing.

For those who believe change is the key, just know there are parts of you that will always stay. There are determined qualities that will stick around because they have helped define you as a person.

Do yourself a favor – stop trying to be someone you’re not.

Embrace yourself.

Don’t deny the true qualities of your soul. While you may change, pieces of your past self will always remain. Provide them the attention they deserve. Your future is waiting.

What qualities of yours have been evident since childhood? Do you think they’ve helped or harmed you over time? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Why You Don't Change Fully with Age