Has life burned you out? It happens to the best of us. Our personal lives get stale. Professionally, we feel stifled; dispassionate and overworked. That spark that once invigorated our morning routine diminishes. Finances, or lack thereof, cause relationship rifts.

In response, our passions burn out. We lose sight of what matters. Why? Because our spirits have been stepped on. Crushed. Lost to the seemingly unavoidable tipping point between reality and our dreams.

It happens quick.

We aren’t always aware of the implications until much time has passed. But the consequences are dreadful. In response to being burned out on life, you lose touch with your inner-self. You stop pursuing the things that matter most. You take yourself out of the picture. You forget what once gave meaning to your life. You lose sight of the secret to happiness.

Regardless of how burned out you feel, it’s possible to regain that flame. That passion that once ignited your soul, mind, and spirit can be lit once more.

But you must be open to the process. If you aren’t, the journey towards inspiration won’t only be frustrating, it’ll be futile.

Has Life Burned You Out?
Here’s 3-Step Guide to Get Back On Track

We each handle a loss of passion differently. Thus, the process toward regaining that source of inspiration will differ for each of us. But the basic steps of the process are universal.

Follow this guide to regain your passion.

1. Uncover the How

The first step in regaining your passion is through uncovering the how.

What caused your burnout in the first place? Narrow down the circumstances surrounding the moment that killed your inspiration. Focus on the people involved; the feelings you felt. Consider the days prior to the fateful moment – was anything different? Did a new person come into your life? Did a fallout at work cause a rift in your professional goals?

This step may take some time. You may have to do some soul-searching to uncover the how in your recent loss.

It’s okay – no one will blame you. No one who matters, anyway.

Journal about the incident that killed your inspiration. Set off for a daytrip up a nearby mountain. Head to the gym. Do what you must to clear your mind. Whatever helps you focus is most beneficial. It may feel silly, but it’ll be worth it.

Burned Out On Life? 3-Step Guide Worth Remembering

2. Refocus Your Passion

Once you’ve uncovered the how, you’ll be able to move on. This next step involves remembering the dream that once moved your soul. It calls for you to remember the full extent of your passion.

Concentrate on the ambition that once drove you forward. Try to remember what you were doing when you realized your passion. Were you knee-deep in paperwork during a late night at the office? Perhaps you were mid-way into your daily run.

Wherever you were, regardless of what you were doing, try to recreate that feeling.

Don’t worry yourself over how long this step takes. Regaining your passion is no easy task. Give yourself the time you need to heal.

3. Take Matters into Your Own Hands

You can’t wait for another to help you move forward. This task is yours to handle. And regardless of how messy it is, whether or not you feel capable of handling it – you must take matters into your own hands.

Don’t rely on another to tend after your dreams. You can’t reach those dreams without a hearty appetite and desire to succeed. Remember your strength. And when all else fails – persevere. Why? Because you have to. Because you can only stay down for so long.

In the end, life can’t keep you grounded. Don’t let the complexities that brought you down stop you from moving forward. You have the strength to keep going – use it.

Burned Out On Life? Don’t Let It Get You Down

Getting burned out on life is simple. Too simple, actually. And it’s a more painful process than we care to admit.

Stress, finances, anxiety, relationships – these factors are embedded into your journey for a reason. And while they may not always help you, they are significant. Yet these forces often work together to craft a cloud of discouragement overhead. They make you feel incapable. They force you into feeling burned out on life.

Fortunately, this power can be overcome.

Follow this 3-step guide the next time you encounter this feeling of loss. After all – an unlit passion can only stay afloat for so long. Don’t let it sink.

Burned Out On Life - Move On With These Tips