How to Achieve the Life You Deserve

Looking to achieve the life you deserve? Let’s be clear – this is no easy feat. It’s a task that demands your full attention. Sadly, it won’t be content with an occasional nudge in the right direction. No, this life requires your constant availability.

After all – if you aren’t fully invested in your future, who will be?

Maybe you dream of mountains. Perhaps you want to spend less time racing after goals manifested by others. You ache to relinquish self-control; to achieve the impossible by pushing forward without being held back by fear. You don’t want to arrive at your deathbed consumed by regret.

In short – you want to choose the dreams you chase for yourself.

Without fear of consequence, you want to embrace the unexpected – if only for a little while. Because you know that what you crave rests on you. What you want demands your full participation.

What is it you want?

Freedom. Not freedom from a dictator. Not freedom from the laws that govern your land. No, this freedom is much more personal than that.

What you crave – what we all crave – is the freedom to roam. We ache for the ability to pursue what we want; to go after our own dreams. We want the freedom to manipulate our own lives. And this desire to roam is different for each of us. Some hope to travel without losing out on a successful career. Some wish to embrace entrepreneurship with a hearty appetite for success. Others simply wish to live; to craft for themselves a full life.

Sounds simple, right? Sadly, this task isn’t easy. You cannot simply pick up your life and transplant it elsewhere. But there are ways you can achieve the life you deserve. And when it comes down to it, the decision to proceed will be yours.

Which direction will you take?

Achieve the Life You Deserve. Yes – It Is Possible!

Don’t let anyone else hold you back from progressing. What you want most, the passions that keep you up at night – those are the dreams you should follow.

And yes, it may lead to despair. It might not work out. It might not wrap neatly in a bow at the end. But the journey is worth it. And the life you deserve just might be on the other side of that truly monstrous mountain.

1) Let Go of Your Self-Control

In most cases, self-control is a good thing. I’d actually equate it to a skill. Yet there comes a time when this control can get the better of you.

Instead of pursuing a new opportunity, that control will hold you back. It’ll grab you just when you’re within arm’s reach of that dream. And, without fail, it’ll reign you back in. It will force you to think rationally – too rationally. You’ll tell yourself it was all for the best, that what you were pursuing would have ended terribly, anyway.

You will undermine the situation. In turn, you’ll make yourself feel inadequate.

And yet – what if you’re wrong? What if that pursuit had ended even better than you had hoped? What if that was the final building block you needed to overcome before achieving your ultimate dream?

Your dreams don’t deserve that sort of treatment. And, just so you know – neither do you.

How to Achieve the Life You Deserve

2) Believe the Motto: You Never Know Until You Try

Life is finite. Your dreams may change. You will change. Your thoughts as a 15-year old will differ from those felt by your 25-year old self. But regardless of how much you change, you will always be you.

You can’t change the truth of your soul. It simply isn’t possible. Your path may alter with age, but your life is – and always will be – finite.

You can’t and won’t live forever. So why let a little risk stop you from trying something new? Why let the unknown hold you back?

It’s scary, though, isn’t it? The thought of leaving the comfort of the known. Changing avenues to head full force into something new and abstract. It’s a feat capable of setting anyone on their toes. But here’s the thing: you never know. You’ll never know until you try. You will never have any clue whether or not the risk will have been worth it.

And not knowing can often be worse than never trying.

3) If You Love It, It’s Worth It

Not all passions are worth your pursuit. Not every dream is capable of being realized. But if you love it, it’s worth every ounce of sweat poured into it. It’s worth every painstaking hour you spend mastering your craft. It’s worth each setback you encounter.

And believe me – they just might be massive.

Perhaps one of those setbacks will break you. Maybe the result of a recent loss will stifle your once fiery passion. But if you find yourself in a place where the only light is positioned far above the realm of probability – persevere. Especially if that light will lead you back to the passion that once drove you.

Your journey doesn’t provide you enough time to cower in that darkened, passion-less void for long. And so, if you love it, you must pursue it. Because that pursuit is what will help you find your personal freedom.

Find Your Personal Freedom: Achieve the Life You Deserve

Life is a complex chain of events bundled into a finite period of time. Don’t let fear hold you back. Know that sometimes, you have to go for it. Forget the naysayers. Ignore the critics. Sure, your idea may work. It may also derail on your first attempt.

But what is life without a little risk?

Learn to forgo some of that self-control. Remember – life is filled with unknowns. You will never know how anything will turn out until you try. And, for your sake, take comfort in the fact that your most loved passions are worth your time.

Find the courage to live the life you deserve. You’re worth every bit of effort that journey demands.

How to Achieve the Life You Deserve