3 Signs You're Content in Life

Someone dear to me recently said: “There’s nothing wrong with being content.” At first, I almost argued. What about passion? And then I realized her point. Sure, passion is necessary. But does it have to be your full-time gig? Not in the least.

Contentment may sound deeply unsatisfying. Like you’re settling for something far below what you deserve. It may feel like you’re stuck; not moving forward because you’ve found yourself sitting comfortably.

But being content is not easily achievable. People work long, gruesome hours to hit that sweet spot – the place on the verge of happiness. Folks work tirelessly to find an adequate, livable balance between personal growth and financial stability. And some still just barely reach it.

Still, this notion has gained a negative connotation – a perspective not easily shaken. But let’s be clear: one person’s happiness will never be universal. Whoever started the mantra that contentment is a sign of poor stature had no real awareness of what a life well-lived means.

Don’t fret if your passion hasn’t yet tied into your daily life. By being content, you’ve already got more going for you than you know.

Being Content is Possible: 3 Signs to Watch For

Contentment is more than the mere acceptance of your situation. To be truly satisfied in life, you must make your journey count. That being said, not all are capable of mastering the art of contentment. Still, the ones who do have reached a success most can only dream of. Here are 3 tell-tale signs you’ve found a way to be content in life.

1) You’ve found a way to pursue your passion outside the 9-5.

Let’s face it – our jobs are time consuming. They take up valuable time, moments we could spend chasing another freelancing opportunity or cooking the latest Food Network challenge. And yet, that job is necessary. It’s a means to an end; a way to help us pursue our passions with some financial freedom.

If you’re content in life, you will always find a way to maintain your passion.

In some form, you will continue your painting or pottery hobby. Sure, you get tired – don’t we all? But if you’ve reached that feeling of contentment, you will always find the time to persevere. Why? Because it matters to you. And that, folks, is just as significant as your need to breathe.

You're proud of your daily grind

2) You’ve settled into a daily grind you’re proud of.

Perhaps that 9-5 doesn’t cure that passionate fire within your bones. Maybe you don’t get enough daylight to photograph the wonders in your area. But somehow, you still manage to fall asleep somewhat satisfied.

You may be tired; exhausted, even. Like the rest of the working populace of the world, you find yourself counting down the days until your next vacation. Yet you still end the day on a high note. Why? Because your daily grind is valuable.

Whether your job is meaningful or the pay is worthwhile, you’ve somehow settled into a niche worth your time and effort. It may not be your passion. It’s unlikely each administrative professional or salesperson you meet is living their dream. And yet, in some way, that 9-5 feels worth your time.

If you find yourself satisfied with your daily grind, be happy. Know that you have achieved a feat most can only dream of. And remember that you are worth every ounce of effort it takes to make that fulfillment last.

3) You’re still working on bettering yourself.

Not everyone is capable of continually bettering themselves. Some jobs are too demanding; too exhausting. Do you find yourself whipped out at the end of each workday? Does the thought of doing anything for yourself feel like a chore? If so, you may want to rethink your profession.

Bettering yourself may sound silly. But remember this – the most content individuals out there have perfected this act. Keeping yourself in check is a different process for us all. The important thing is that you recognize when and why you need the help.

Contentment is reachable, but you must be willing to put in the effort to get there.

Keep an eye on yourself. A little selfishness is often more necessary than you know.

To Be Content Is a Dream Worth Achieving

Being content in life is more than acceptance. It’s much more than the satisfaction that follows a promotion. To live this lifestyle, you must be truly satisfied. And no, not in the sense that your passion must be your one and only pursuit. Following your ideal, passion-lit life is an ambitious, worthwhile journey. But contentment is just as significant a path.

It won’t be easy – nothing worthwhile ever is. Still, if done right, this journey towards a content life just may set you free.

Have you achieved contentment in your life? If so, what steps did you take to get there? What qualities about your life make you feel content? Let’s discuss!


3 Signs You're Content in Life