It doesn’t take much to be drained of happiness. Negativity, toxic energy, an uninvited failure – with all these possibilities, it’s amazing any of us function with an optimistic perspective.

You wake up and see disaster on the news. You get to work and clients and coworkers seep negativity into the air. It travels fast. It has a way of sticking around when and where you want it least.

Things happen. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses. Still, that negativity needn’t and shouldn’t ruin your day. It can be tough to avoid. Not all of us are capable of dodging it completely. Some events are simply to disastrous to not at the very least recognize them. But you can try and stay positive. You can try and uplift those around you, even when your peers are too stuck in their own woe to notice.

Promoting optimism will help not only you, but everyone else, as well. It will also keep you mentally focused.

Why try staying positive amidst the chaos of negativity? In short, because you have to. You must persevere with that happy outlook because if you lose it, you’re only laying waste to pessimism. Eventually, negativity has the power to become you. By letting the monster in, by inviting it over for a brief chat, you’re only allowing it the opportunity it needs to thrive.

Some may feel it’s inevitable. Others may view negativity as a necessity to keep us all in check. But it really doesn’t have to thrive as much as we think.

In life, there is light and dark. The two sides of the coin. Yin versus yang. Without one, the other falls. Thus, they must each be necessary, right? Not completely. You can have both views within you, but one can – and will – be stronger than the other. It’s up to you which one takes the cake.

Ever heard that folk tale about the two wolves? Essentially, it refers to two different frames of thought: positivity or negativity. Ultimately, which wolf wins is up to you. Though it’s likely some will choose dark over light, we can’t discount the power of human strength.

Positivity isn’t an easy concept to grasp for all. Still, those who do are tasked with a challenging job: sharing it with the world.

Don’t give up if you can’t beat the monster of negativity. Find someone capable of building you back up. And remember that happiness is deserved by all. It may not always be the easy choice, but it’s worth it in the end.

Don’t Let Negativity Get You Down

How strong are we if one bout of negativity is capable of so much harm? You must remember that everything in life – your progress and happiness, included – is fiercely dependent on your perspective.

It’s not easy to stay focused. Maintaining the right perspective to reach your dreams has been attempted and failed by some. But it all comes down to heart. Your success depends on how much effort you’re willing to put forth.

Here are a few tips to help you not let the negativity of others get to you.

– Don’t fuel it.

If someone breathes only negativity at the office, don’t feed it. Acknowledge your coworker’s predicament with empathy, but don’t fuel the conversation.

Like a flame in a forest, negativity need only be given one stick to spark a wildfire of pessimism.

Show compassion, but don’t stay on topic for too long. Try switching to a discussion with a positive feel. The more you do this, the more it will spread. Respond to negativity with optimism – enough to create some Zen in the air. Negativity has a time and a place, but too much can create chaos.

Don’t feed the monster. It’s not worth the effort.

– When all else fails, ignore it.

Not all negativity requires a response. If someone can’t let it go, is unable to move on, and won’t drop the issue, you’re left with one choice – ignore it. This is especially true at the office.

You know which environments you work in best. You know the level of positivity you need to keep going and function in the best way possible. If someone is seeping negativity and there’s nothing you can do to help, you have no choice but to ignore it.

Let’s be honest – it isn’t always easy to push through a tough day. But negativity will only make it worse.

Know that it’s okay to ignore the unnecessary cloud of pessimism that surrounds your peers. Sometimes, to make the most of a situation, you must focus on yourself.

Stay Positive - Take Yourself Out of the Situation

– Think ahead. Take yourself out of the situation.

It’s okay to mentally take yourself away from a situation, especially if the mood is lowering your happiness. You wouldn’t be the first or the last – we all do it. Why? Because sometimes, it all gets to be too much.

The negativity of a situation can always be fueled by others, making it worse. It can make you feel like you can’t escape; like you won’t ever regain your optimism.

If this happens, think ahead. Plan your evening in your mind. Do what you must to take yourself emotionally out of the situation. Once you’ve done that, the negativity of your peers won’t feel as harsh.

– Count your blessings.

It may sound cliché, but counting your blessings has more benefits than you think. When others spew negativity into the environment, it can be tough to remain unattached. It’s not easy to remember that just because one person is unhappy doesn’t mean you have to be.

But this is the perspective you need to thrive.

The next time someone reeks of pessimism, remember the good in your life. Realize the blessings you’ve been provided; the wonderful experiences you’ve cherished to date. It isn’t worth the consequences to let the negativity of others ruin your life.

Don’t Let Negativity Control You

Embracing optimism isn’t easy. Negativity will always have a place in your life. But it shouldn’t control the outcome of your day.

The cloud of pessimism trailing your coworker may be large. Whatever you do, don’t fuel it. Ignore it if you must. Take yourself out of the situation. Do what you must to keep your day strong; try to end on a high note.

The more days you spend feeling the glass is half-empty, the more powerful that feeling will become.

For your sake, don’t let the emotional distress of others break you. The consequences aren’t worth it.

How to Stay Positive When Negativity Surrounds You