How Distractions Stifle Your Growth

Distractions are disruptive. Some are good; healthy, even. But too many can slow your progress.

It really boils down to the clutter in your life. We stay busy like it’s our job. This excess makes us feel full without having to think too much about our personal goals and happiness.

How much extra do you allow into your life? Maybe you’re prone to always saying yes to unnecessary overtime or a night out with friends. Perhaps you find yourself constantly busy to the point where you’ve lost sight of yourself.

We all do it. It’s a result of the fast-paced society we live in today. Do you find yourself always busy? Is your schedule jammed full of events and outings? Are you on the run too much to stop and enjoy a moment alone? If so, you’ve found yourself stuck in the shell of distraction. It’s at this point that those distractions have woven too deeply into your life.

Fortunately, life doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to give in to the many distractions that inhibit your daily life. You can continue to grow by taking your next foot forward with care. Here are a few helpful ways you can start avoiding distractions today.

– Learn to Say No

If you’re unable to say no, you’ve got a deeply rooted issue you must fight your way out of. Not looking for extra cash? It’s okay to not jump at the next opportunity for overtime. Staying in with a glass of wine and a good book isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. Those who care will understand – or they should, at least.

We may pride ourselves in the art of multi-tasking. We might view ourselves in a negative light if our pace is slower than that of another. But we can only do so much. We can only keep going at full speed for so long.

Learn to say no to yourself. Learn to relax. Too many distractions can result in more harm than you realize. And saying no once in a while can help you regain your inner-peace once more.

How Distractions Stifle Your Growth

– Lighten Your Load

Our schedules can be draining. Sure, a well-planned schedule is enviable, but a fully packed week will do more harm than good.

The thought of squeezing more into your day may make you feel accomplished. Tackling 3 large projects in a week may feel invigorating. But is it worth it?

What if you lessened that load to 1 or 2 projects? What would you gain from such a change? To put it simply: personal commitment. The less you have to focus on, the better you’ll do. With less to focus on, you’ll be able to provide more time and effort to the one task at hand.

Now, this doesn’t mean multi-tasking is bad. On the contrary, it’s a necessary skill worth acquiring in most fields. But mono-tasking can be just as effective in the right setting. Try giving 1 task your full attention. You just may surprise yourself.

– Weed out the Things That Don’t Matter

Wondering why you always feel so stressed? Can’t figure out why there isn’t enough time in the day? Unable to give yourself the attention you need? You might be giving too much of yourself away. This could be due to a number of reasons: a demanding career, a toxic friendship, too many extracurricular activities – the list goes on.

You can only do so much in a day. Imagine if you spent all day and a better part of your evening at the office. Then, you tried squeezing in a run, dinner, and a night out with friends. Consider that scenario. Imagine if you were able to do all that in one day.

And maybe to some of you it doesn’t sound tough. But remember – you still need to sleep. Not all busy schedules set aside adequate time for rest.

Wondering how to cope? Asking yourself how you could possibly begin weeding out the things that don’t matter? Here’s a tip: start small. Take away one night on the town to catch up on a book. Split your evening in two and watch only one hour of television. Instead of binge watching the next episode of that reality show, head to bed early. Get your workout in before heading to the office. Don’t take on another task if you don’t need to.

Downsizing may not be easy. But if it’s done well, it’s a healthy lifestyle choice.

Learn what in your life can be minimized. You won’t realize how much you needed that extra space until you have it.

Don’t Let Distractions Hinder Your Future

Distractions may be everywhere, but you’re strong enough to avoid them. Deciding what is and isn’t necessary will not be any easy task. Yet once you hit that sweet spot you won’t believe what you were missing.

Life is all about what we put into it. And if we can’t find some peace, if we can’t stop moving long enough to find the solace we need to thrive – well, life won’t be nearly as fulfilling.

Remember: saying no is okay. You don’t have to be constantly on top of things. Figure out where you can cut back in your schedule. And most importantly, figure out what you need to do to find yourself again.

Learn to cut back in life – you’ll be far happier, less distracted, and much more satisfied than you think.

How Distractions Stifle Your Growth