Relying on others isn’t always the best option. The ones you depend on won’t always be around. Folks you count on to help at a moment’s notice – they have lives, too.

Your parents won’t be there throughout your entire life to help you face reality. All those self-starting, proactive coworkers you’ve worked with thus far? Sadly, they may move on. When office life gets exhausting, you might be the only one left to pick up the mess. Friends won’t always be around to help when life hands you a tragedy.

Sure, the ones closest will stick around. But the coworker with a fix for every bind you face during a hectic day? She could put her notice in at any moment.

The people you rely on now won’t always be around. It’s foolish to think otherwise. Remember – life can truly change on a dime. Because change is inevitable, you can’t depend on others to get you by.

You are an independent, curious being – act as such. Life is a gift. It may be complicated, but it’s still a blessing. With this gift comes potential; the possibility of success. Your journey may change, but you will always have responsibilities. Paying bills, holding down a job, utilizing your own efforts to attain success, obtaining that high-school diploma – these are just a few of the many responsibilities we all eventually encounter. And no, you can’t rely on another to complete these duties for you.

Now, this doesn’t mean teamwork is irrelevant. On the contrary, some of the best and brightest are duos bent on changing the world. But you know those pesky tasks outlined in your job description? You really should understand them. There are plenty of situations where you shouldn’t be forced to rely on another to find solutions.

Do you find yourself relying on someone to always take care of a mindless task? Does another consistently offer to stay late if needed? These people are great, but what they’re doing can be dangerous. Why? Because they’re creating a dependence on themselves; a reliance on their efforts. By taking stress off your shoulders, they’re inadvertently making you feel like you need them.

Learning new things and getting things done isn’t always easy. It may be tough to take on an unfamiliar task, but your personal growth is worth it. Here are 2 reasons you should consider relying more on yourself than others.

Why Relying Others Will Stunt Your Growth

– You’ll Never Grow

If you continually let others cover your mistakes, you’ll never learn. If your faults are always fixed by someone else, you won’t ever make progress.

The ones who find solutions may be dependable, but you can become just as effective.

The more you let others carve your path for you, the less you’ll improve. In life, wisdom is essential. How well-rounded will you become if your growth is stunted? How knowledgeable will you be if your progress is inhibited by your dependence on others?

So grow. Become the person you’ve always been destined to become. Be an individual. It’s not nearly as tough as you think.

– You Won’t Reach Your Dream

Whether you’re chasing managerial dreams or are hoping to become the next Picasso, self-reliance is essential. Your dreams won’t chase themselves. Your aspirations may be complex, but they will not be achievable if you don’t provide them your full attention.

Playing the blame game is easy. It’s simple to say you couldn’t move forward because so and so was standing in your way. But that admittance only proves one thing: you have been relying on another, albeit in a figurative manner. How? By using someone else as an excuse, you in turn feel less bad about yourself.

You must be all in when you’ve decided to chase your passions. If it’s true, if that passion is real, it requires too much of your soul. The more you split yourself between personal growth and dependence, the less likely you’ll actually reach success.

Relying on Others Will Stunt Your Growth

Life is all about choice. It’s about how we move from A to B effectively. It all comes down to how we handle ourselves. And yes, life can pass swiftly.

You can’t count on another to get you where you need to go. You can’t rely on the drive of others to maintain yours. The ones who find solutions individually are far more progressive than those who don’t. The people able to count on themselves for growth will proceed much faster than the rest.

You are an individual. The ones you currently count on will not always be there.

Life happens. It isn’t always pretty, it’s naturally messy, and it will never be easy. But the more self-reliant you become, the better off you’ll be.

How many of you find yourself relying on others far too often? What tricks have you utilized to become more self-dependent?

Why Relying on Others Will Delay Your Growth