Haven't Found Your Passion - Here's Why It's Okay

We’re told to find our passion. We’re told at age 5 the significance of figuring out our calling; that we must find the thing that will help us thrive. And so, children who dream of saving people become doctors, activists, and nurses. Kids drawn to music and the craft of composing end up musicians.

But what about the kids with no major interests?

What interests you at age 7 may never sound enjoyable again. In school, you’re taught the lessons you’ll need to move forward. College, if you pursue that avenue, teaches you how to alter your passion from a thought to a tangible opportunity. But not everyone is as fortunate as the retiree who knew from age 10 that teaching was the best route.

We aren’t always put in the right place at the right time.

For most, figuring out what to do with the life they’ve been gifted is a complex journey. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s your passion. Strength may be a good sign of ability, but in order to fully enjoy your journey, your passion must be your own.

Maybe you love writing but punctuation mistakes scare you from publishing. Perhaps you enjoy helping others and dream of aiding war-torn countries, but you aren’t sure you’re diplomatic or worthy enough to try.

Here’s what I know – life is messy. We’ve all got a journey worth experiencing, but our paths will differ from beginning to end. The passion that propels your life forward may not be recognizable – not yet, anyway. It may take years for you to build the confidence needed to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

If finding your passion were easy, life wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful.

Let’s face it: what makes life enjoyable can always change. The important thing is that you recognize the past times, events, and activities that made you feel at peace.

This world is full of aspiring individuals aching to find their place in life. You may not be alone, but your passion is still yours to locate. Don’t fret if the search continues years past the expected time for growth. Don’t let things like boundaries or labels prevent you from persevering.

Finding your passion is like trying to find a needle in a tangled web of metal – difficult, tiring, and sometimes a little bit painful.

Life is always pushing forward, forcing you from the comfort of stability to a life better suited to your needs. Your job is to take the ride as well as you possibly can.

Find your passion amidst the crazy life that fuels your journey. It needn’t be your full-time gig, but it should be a piece of you. So make photographing your hobby. Take up mountain biking with some friends. Volunteer at the hospital outside your 9-5 grind. Remember – your passion may not be evident at first. If it takes 4 years after your college graduation for you to realize your passion, don’t worry. Embrace it. And don’t let anyone tell you you’re wasting time.

Finding your passion matters. But the journey towards that moment is just as significant.

Haven't Found Your Passion - Here's Why It's Okay