Nothing good in this life occurs without trust in yourself. Nothing worthwhile comes if you don’t have solid footing on the ground beneath your feet. The path before you may not be ideal. The choice you’re about to make may not be the easy, less complicated option. You might not be thrilled about what lies ahead.

But there is one factor worth acknowledging: your choice.

Ultimately, when those two, three, or four options arise, you will be given a choice. You will be given the opportunity to decipher which possibility would be best for you. And let’s face it – not all options are good. Truthfully, not all options are great.

Still, nurture the knowledge that you can choose. Recognize your freedom to make an informed decision in light of an otherwise complex situation. Know that without trust in yourself, nothing of substance will follow.

Remember that in the end, you must remain level-headed when necessary. And, perhaps most importantly, you must remember that life doesn’t always unfold in the manner you expect.

We all have faced tough choices throughout our lives. As a child, you chose which group of kids to hang around. When you reached adulthood, you decided what career path would be most favorable. When you lost everything to an identity theft scandal, you chose how to proceed. You chose which path you could take to get you back on your feet.

Nothing in your life has been, or ever will be, easy. None of this is your fault – not necessarily, anyway. And yet, you can’t change it. The past is done and over with. What happens next is in your hands, but the universe won’t make your journey easy simply because you ask.

So, what can you do?  How are you supposed to react when the world hands you the impossible? What can you change?

You can change your response. You can recognize your right to choose the option that works best for you. You can decide to use your voice rather than abuse it.

Remember: you are in control of yourself. Use this fact to your advantage and choose accordingly.

The world may feel vast, unending, and highly evolving. But just know that you are capable. You are strong, filled with potential, and highly skilled. Don’t let your choice remain unnoticed. Don’t let your choice lay waste to those who say your voice doesn’t matter. It does. It will. It always has.

Trust in yourself. Your choice matters.