4 Signs You've Experienced a Change for the Better

Has your life been changed for the better? Amidst the chaos, we often lose sight of what matters. We forget that what is most significant depends on our growth. We forget that if we aren’t fully invested in ourselves, whatever changes we make won’t matter. If we aren’t at least somewhat content in our lives, the change that follows a shift in jobs or a new relationship won’t be nearly as satisfying as it could be.

Change is inevitable. We can’t prevent it. We can’t hide from it. It happens, just as life does. But it isn’t a bad thing.

Some of you may feel change is too unpredictable. You might think that by changing, you’ll lose a piece of yourself; a part of your soul you’ll never be able to regain. But remember – life is what you make of it. If you feel deeply that change will only hinder your progress, it will. Regardless of how advantageous a potential change could be, regardless of how much better it may be for your personal growth – if your perspective is negative, your experience will be, too.

That being said, if you’ve experienced a significant change lately, consider your outlook. Has this variation been good for you? Here are a few ways to tell if the change you recently experienced has been worthwhile.

– You’ve begun experiencing an intensified zest for life.

Living a full life can be tough. But consider the change you recently experienced – has it helped you regain your zest for life? Has it made you feel full again? If that change somehow filled a void; if it uplifted the sinking feeling in your gut that something was amiss, then consider yourself lucky. You’re on the right track!

Change can be a good thing. Feeling joy once again is a major sign that whatever change you recently underwent has been beneficial for your growth.

4 Signs You've Experienced a Change for the Better

– You feel content in life.

Being content isn’t easy. Still, a change that’s good for you can lead you in that direction.

Whether it was a job change or the loss of a toxic friend, consider what you’ve accomplished. If you find yourself content, you’ve reached a sweet spot many only dream of. Not because they can’t get there, but because they stop themselves before they get to that point. Why? Because they’re too scared or nervous that what may follow will be worse than their current situation.

But remember – sometimes a little change is all you need. The smallest modification can be life-altering enough to help you reach that feeling of contentment. Let it happen. Embrace it. You’ll be far happier in the end if you simply let go and let it be.

– You’ve found some inner-peace.

Have you found yourself at peace more than before? It isn’t as simple as taking up yoga or practicing meditation. Those lifestyle changes may help, but if the rest of your life remains stressful, you haven’t quite found the peace you deserve.

Has a recent change helped you become more at peace with yourself? Has it helped you feel more in tune with the person you’ve become? If so, your experience was deeply beneficial for your personal growth.

If you’ve reached this feeling, if you’ve found some inner-peace amidst the chaos, hold tight. Keep it safe. It isn’t easy to maintain this personal Zen. But if you stay focused, you just may keep it longer than you think.

– You’ve found yourself in a prolonged state of happiness.

Some feel happiness is for the weak-minded. They feel that to be consistently happy is only meant for those with less to focus on. Some attribute happiness to having less bills to pay; less to do in life.

But that simply isn’t true.

Happiness is an emotion deserved by all. And no, it doesn’t take much to get there. Being happy doesn’t require an intense lifestyle change, it simply demands an alteration of perspective.

Outlook is a huge reason many find themselves digging deeper into the pit of toxicity. If one’s perspective is too negative, they will always find the glass half-empty. They will never look for and will never expect that glass to fill back up. But with optimism comes a better state of mind, and the right change in your life can help you achieve just that.

If you’ve found yourself happier than you’ve felt in a long time, consider yourself lucky. That change you recently experienced has already done more for you than you realize.

Change: Inevitable, but Almost Always for the Better

Life is unpredictable. It’s impossible to say whether each change that shakes your life will benefit your growth. But there are ways you can tell if a rumble in your life has helped or slowed you down.

For most of us, these changes are more helpful than we realize – at first, anyway. Have you found yourself stable in a state of Zen? Have you felt more at peace with yourself than you have in ages? If so, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Remember – perspective is a solid sign of whether you’ve reached a change your life needed. Don’t fret if you haven’t reached it just yet. Know that in time, with the right outlook, you’ll get there.

Don’t judge your lack of progress based on the journey of another. We are all unique – our journeys are no different. Don’t focus the what ifs. Instead, focus on the possibilities of the future. Don’t let a negative perspective hold you back. You’re worth every bit of optimism you can grab hold of – keep it close.

4 Signs You've Experienced a Change for the Better