There’s no better time like the present to invest in yourself. January may already be in full force, but the hype of the New Year is still ringing strong. Resolutions, goals, and aspirations – it’s enough to make your head spin with wonder and excitement. But it also highlights another emotion: anxiety.

During this time of year, we stress ourselves far too much. We strive to create a better version of ourselves. We fool ourselves into thinking that we must be better, stronger, and happier to live a larger life.

But haven’t we been investing in ourselves all this time?

Think back on everything that happened during the past year. Focus on the time you felt you wasted; the moments you spent taking care of tasks you deemed unimportant. You were building yourself up that entire time. And sure, it may not have been in ways you expected. You might not have spent the year tearing up the gym as you decreed you would last January. Perhaps you didn’t find ‘the one’ you promised your parents back in February. Maybe you still haven’t reached that career goal you’ve been pursuing for the past 5 years.

Does any of this make you less worthy as a person? Not in the least.

We are always building ourselves up. Whether the circumstances were less than ideal, perfect, or tragic – we spent the past year molding ourselves. We’ve changed. And though you may not have made the changes you would have liked or completed any goals, you were just as worthy of self-love then as you are now.

Your goals needn’t be big. They don’t need to be created around a timeline.

Here are Eloquently Penned’s top highlights of 2016 – posts that will help you aspire to invest in yourself this year. These articles are geared towards helping you achieve whatever dreams you were meant to achieve.

Don’t get stuck on the fact that you didn’t reach that goal you set in a drunken stupor last New Year’s Eve. Start investing in yourself. Start today. Grab yourself a cup of something warm and pull up a chair. Let’s get motivated, folks!

1) How to Achieve the Life You Deserve

Finding and maintaining the life you deserve isn’t about money. Actually, it’s about you. It’s about figuring out what you want. It’s about keeping your passion alive and remembering that you matter.

In the end, achieving that life you desire requires your presence. Check out this piece for a few helpful tips to help you gain that dream you’ve been reaching for.

2) Why Recognizing Your Strengths is ImportantTop Highlights of 2016 - Your Strengths

We aren’t without flaws. We were never meant to be perfect. Still, you have strengths that often go unnoticed; skills you tend to forget while envying the lives of others. Read this and remember that you have abilities this world needs. Remember that your strengths matter. And most importantly, remember this: “This world is diverse for a reason.”

3) Why Relying on Others Will Delay Your Growth

You won’t get far in life if you depend on others. This doesn’t mean you can’t rely on your spouse to handle a chore. No, this means that your life is in your hands. You can’t depend on another to help you persevere. You can’t count on that helpful coworker to get you through the busy shifts – sick days happen, after all. Learn the importance of becoming more self-dependent with this helpful guide.

4) 3 Ways You Can Handle Toxicity With Ease

In life, you will face unique personalities everywhere you turn. You will befriend people who bring you down and folks who brighten your days. And yet, toxicity remains. It will always be present. Don’t let it ruin your life. Here are 3 actionable tips you can use to handle the toxicity in your life.

5) 4 Inevitable Mistakes You’ll Make in Life

Looking for a little pick-me-up? Look no further. This article pinpoints 4 heavy mistakes we are all prone to make. Don’t jeopardize your self-worth any longer. We may be prone to failure, but the mistakes we make are worthwhile. Don’t let them break you.

6) Burned Out On Life? Move On with These Tips!

We’ve all been there. A chaotic job, a stressful family trauma, a harrowing tragedy – life can burn you out with ease. And often, it has no sympathy for you during these down moments. How do you continue when your passion is lost? Check out this 3-step guide to get you back on track.

7) 3 Reasons Your Differences Make You Special

Remember your worth. Remember that what makes you unique makes you beautiful. Your differences matter. They matter to you and to this world we inhabit. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you can’t remember your personal significance, please read this. And remember – whatever sets you apart from the rest of the world makes you special.

Invest in Yourself Today!

Focusing on your personal growth can feel like an enormous task. Mindfulness and selflove – the things we preach during this time of year can feel overwhelming. But you can’t stop working towards the you you’ve always deserved. You can’t stop pushing to be the person you were always meant to be; to live the life you desire.

Invest in yourself this year. You deserve it.

Invest in Yourself - Top Highlights of 2016