Why You Must Surpass Your Fear of Failure

Do you fear failure? Do you find it hard to persevere when failure looks, feels, and almost tastes imminent? If so, you aren’t alone. And it’s likely you know more people in this boat than you realize. But folks, for your own sanity, don’t quit working towards what you know is best. Don’t be so quick to judge the path before you. When the road to success becomes bumpy and terrifying, don’t be so quick to give in.

Don’t stop when the going gets tough – not even when you’re anxious, emotional, and possibly even failing. Giving in will only set you back. It will only reverse the effort, energy, and passion you’ve put in thus far. It may be easier to fall back. It may look inviting to revert back to that drawing board; the place you spent so much time molding, planning, and crafting a plan. Remember that place? It’s the place you ignored everyone else; where you ignored the naysayers of the world. That place is where you created for yourself a path to reach your own dream.

If you give up now, you’ll never know. You will never know how well you could have done. You will never see that path through to the end. You’ll never know just how worthwhile that journey could have been.

Letting go of perfectionism and forging ahead can be downright terrifying. And let’s face it – failing is a scary possibility. It’s the reason so many dreams sit on the backburner before ever reaching their potential.

We are all terrified of failing. We are all scared of disappointing not just ourselves, but our loved ones and everyone else who cheers us on, as well. And with that much on the line, who can blame you? Who can blame you for wanting to stuff that dream back where it came from until a better time comes along?

No one.

But waiting on time will only lead to despair. And once the dream is out of the bag, stuffing it back inside will be impossible. That dream will always linger. It will always remain ever present, yet somehow just barely out of reach.

There are times that waiting to pounce can do your dream some justice, but it’s rare. The longer you wait, the longer you will tell yourself you’ll do it next time. You will reach the point where beginning the work towards that dream will become even more difficult. Eventually, you will put it off for so long that you’ll forget it altogether. You will lose the fire that once lit your soul. You will forget whatever passion moved you.

You won’t live to witness the outcome of what could have truly been a fantastic ride.

No one can tell you how to live your life. No one can push you into a dream. This is all in your hands. You must make the decision to move forward with that passion.

There may be moments that are better than others. Becoming an entrepreneur, getting married, and starting a family all at once may not be the easiest dream. But this is exactly where your passion is needed most. In these cases, it may be in your favor to hold off on one dream to pursue another.

It all depends on you. It depends on what matters most to you – both now and down the road. If it matters to you, you will get it done. If you want to incorporate mindfulness into your daily schedule, you will take up yoga or meditation. If you want to pursue photography, you’ll create a portfolio. If running a marathon has always been your dream, you’ll start training. If starting a family is high on your list of priorities, you will make it happen.

We sell ourselves short far too often. We tell ourselves what we can’t do. We prevent ourselves from seeing the glass half-full. But know this – you can truly do whatever you set your mind to.

Don’t let the possibility of failure prevent you from reaching a dream.

Follow your heart, mind, and soul. Always reach higher – especially when anxiety gets the better of you. And remember that no one great ever reached success because they gave up. They got there because they kept pushing forward; because they persevered whenever possible. Ultimately, they got there because they didn’t let pessimism overrule their happiness.

Folks, you have what it takes. Follow that dream. Make it your new reality. If someone else can do it, so can you.

Don’t forget your worth. Don’t let fear of failure ruin your newly founded opportunities. And remember – the only thing you can do is your best.