2 Powerful Reasons Self-Love Matters

Self-love is a strength we lose sight of over time. We forget our greatness. We forget that it’s impossible to be strong all the time. We forget that we aren’t alone.

Isn’t it about time you regained that love you once felt for yourself?

This isn’t permission to become selfish and egotistical. Rather, this is a jolt to awaken your senses. It’s a reminder to remember how empowering it feels to love yourself like you do your spouse, mother, close friend, or child.

For those of you struggling, hang in there. We’ve all been in your position. It’s not at all easy to let go of that negative perspective you carry of yourself. Truthfully, it’s downright difficult to regain that sense of self-love you once felt. You, like most of us, have been chewed up and spit on by an unforgiving, unrelenting society at some point in your life. But you must try. You must give yourself the chance you deserve to become whole once again – despite whatever trauma you may have gone through in the past.

Self-love, real self-love, isn’t something you can magically turn on and off. It isn’t a feeling you suddenly regain or win after an accomplishment. It’s not a trophy waiting to be won.

Self-love is a perspective. It’s an emotional connection between both yourself and your soul. And it matters. Here’s why.

1) Only you have the power to move yourself forward.

No one else has the power to keep you going. There is not another soul in this universe that has that sort of control. No one else can push your ambitions, dreams, and ideas towards fruition. Only you can do this.

Why does self-love matter? Because without it you can’t move on.

If you forget to take care of your own well-being, whatever happens next won’t matter. You might advance, but your dissatisfaction will show. Your apathetic emotions towards this bright and shiny new change will become evident.

Eventually, someone will ask this of you: Are you happy?

Curious what happens next? Two things. First, you won’t know what to say for fear of looking ungrateful. And secondly, you’ll begin to really feel for the first time in a long while. And let me tell you – those thoughts won’t be pretty.

Do yourself a favor. Let self-love guide you forward. And remember – you’ve got it in you. Let it shine!

Self-Love Matters - Unhappy, it Will Show

2) If you’re unhappy with yourself, it will show.

A lack of self-love doesn’t only influence you. These underlying feeling of doubt will surface in one of two distinct ways: belligerent toxicity or fake happiness. If we’re being honest, both options are terrible.

You might think any form of happiness is a good thing, but it’s not. Why? Because by allowing yourself to be happy only on the outside, you’re slowly losing yourself. You’re slowly forgetting what happiness means to you. And what’s more – you’re forgetting how to love yourself.

When you’re unhappy with yourself, your emotions will influence your circle. From the waiter at the local diner to your coworkers, everyone you see or talk to will be in harm’s way. Touching someone’s life in this manner does more harm that you think. You influence the lives you touch in spades – why would this be any different?

Ask yourself: Why am I unhappy with myself? What’s causing these feelings of unrest and toxicity?

Get to the root of the problem before your undoing becomes that of another.

Self-Love Matters. How Will You Regain It?

Amid success, failure, chaos, promotions, and change, we tend to forget. We forget that we’re human. We forget that feeling is a normal part of life. We forget that we deserve love just as much as the next person.

And it’s okay to forget – normal, even. But you can’t forget about yourself forever. You are far too important.

Learn to love yourself despite it all – regardless of any shame, guilt, or regret you’re harboring. Remember that while no one is perfect, you can’t discount what makes you special. Make a promise to yourself. Promise that you’ll start giving yourself a chance. Promise that you’ll try to love yourself a little bit more. And remember – you can only go up from here.