Why Your Impossible Dreams Are Obtainable

We live in an age where believing in something doesn’t require a tangible trace. Where humans – however different – are astonishingly capable. A world where the possible is often an opportunity away.

As a child, your dreams of space travel may have been shot down. Your desire to embark on a journey across the world might have faced laughter when brought up in conversation. Perhaps your hopes of changing the world weren’t understood in your small town. Maybe your peers and family had never given such possibilities the time of day.

A trait that makes us the creative, imaginative, determined folks we are.


Your hope sets you apart from the world’s critics. It’s a quality that truly makes the world progress. And it’s this characteristic that makes the seemingly impossible actually quite plausible.

Your dreams of solving world issues, solving mysteries left behind by our ancestors, and creating inspiring stories for future descendants are obtainable.

When your hopes are shot down, consider these points.

1. Your dreams aren’t merely individual. You aren’t alone.

People, whether consciously or subconsciously, are always searching for something more.

  • Answers to bizarre questions their kids pose during weekly meals.
  • Cures for diseases ailing their dying loved ones.
  • Ways to become a more active member in the community.

Fortunately, the number of people who utilize hope as a guide vastly outnumber the rest. The pursuit of a dream is largely universal.

Still, there are critics – folks who dampen such desires in even the brightest minds. To you alone, these naysayers may appear large in both number and influence. Rather than wallowing in such distractions, take a chance.

Step outside that circle. You may run into a few like yourself – stifled spirits persevering through the tangled mess of life, head held high, guided by hope while they pursue their dreams.

Remember – you aren’t alone. Your group is the majority. You need only find them.

2. Society continuously advances – take advantage of it.

As civilization progresses, human understanding of life only increases. Those with big dreams should view this as a benefit.

As technology pushes on, your desire to cure illness becomes more possible. Maybe you wish to uncover the truth of our past. Perhaps your desire is to prove, undoubtedly, which came first – the chicken or the egg.

For such dreams, you need only take advantage of the ever progressing human understanding.

Travel across continents; embark on that journey you’ve always dreamed of. Utilize the travel benefits that lay before you. If a particular illness cannot yet be cured, don’t give up! Who knows – this time next year a researcher may uncover the key.

Civilization continues to advance. Use these changes to reach your dreams.

3. Curiosity is a gem in your arsenal – don’t lose it!

For most, curiosity strikes at an early age.

Your mother takes you to the park on a Sunday afternoon in August. Energized, you climb to the tallest slide. After waving in delight to your mother, you wonder if a ride down the slide could be more exciting. Thus, instead of sitting, you slide down on your stomach, face first.

At first, the thrill hits you.

Wind whips your hair and you wonder why you hadn’t done this before.

As the sand looms before you, your smile fades.

How do you land without hurting yourself?

But there is no time – not enough to rethink your situation. So, you fall from the slide, head first into the sand below. Tears stream down your face while you spit up dry grains of sand. You learned your lesson. Your next slide adventure would not be as hasty.

Curiosity brought light to this lesson.

Without this trait, you may have never learned the potential consequences of a face first ride down the slide. Sadly, people tend to lose their sense of wonder through age. Don’t let this happen to you!

Maintain your curiosity. Let it guide you. Use it to pursue those dreams. After all, how can you remain hopeful if you’ve lost the ability to wonder how life will unfold?

Your dreams matter. Don’t let them die.

The seemingly impossible may feel far-fetched. Still, don’t be deterred.

Pursue, search, achieve, and remain optimistic. In the end, you just might find success in the most unlikely manner.