Get Your Inspiration Back With These Useful Tips

Inspiration strikes in the strangest places. Somehow, often without warning, these bouts of creativity bleed through. They burst through the clouds of doubt and concern cloaking your mind. There, these thoughts rage like wildfire – soaking up any negativity and filling it with positive feelings.

It can happen anywhere. While checking out at the grocery store. Taking a rushed shower after hitting snooze 10 times before a morning shift. In mid-conversation with a friend. When you begin an evening run after a stressful day.

Music, your surroundings, who you talk to throughout the day – these are all primary factors in some of the most impressive moments of inspiration.

You might find an artist scribbling on a napkin two tables down in a diner.

I’m guilty of it. Aren’t we all?

When inspiration strikes you don’t want to lose it. As a creative person, you’re afraid that spark will diminish. You grab the nearest bit of paper to jot down an entertaining sentence – just in case. Perhaps you whip out your phone’s notepad app to type up a new craft idea.

After all – you might need those things later. Maybe not now. You may not even need them tomorrow. But at some point down the road, you’ll want that note.

Sadly, when it comes to inspiration, there is always a moment of loss. A point in time where people digress. A period when that inspiration no longer peaks through the mist of concern as easily.

Folks around the world experience funks. They lose their drive and forget what got them hyped in the first place. But there are ways to get back in that rhythm.

Check out the following tips. With time and a little hard work, your inspiration will find its way back to you.

– Figure Out What Drives You.

You’ll never get anywhere if you can’t recall your primary motivator.

What got you pumped before your passion fell through? What pushes you? Maybe that pep talk with your business partner last week got you riled. Perhaps, in the aftermath of runner’s high, you thought of a promising business tactic to edge your company ahead of your competitors. Maybe that sunset peaking over the horizon last Saturday got you hyped to try something new.

The thing that drives you will be unique. Tone, atmosphere, occasion, and mood – these are all pieces of your inspirational puzzle. They must all fit together perfectly to create that motivational force.

It might not be easy. You might feel like giving up. Don’t give in to that feeling. Figure out what drives you.

You’ll be one step closer to getting that inspiration back.

– If You Don’t Succeed The First Time, Try Again!

Life is about the choices you make, the risks you take, and the fears you conquer.

It’s okay to make mistakes – failing doesn’t make you any less successful.

No matter what you produce, your errors will blossom into lessons. Tales of woe you can slip in your back pocket for a later time. Incidents you can learn from to help you the next time around. Moments you can later use for guidance.

You might – and probably will – grow frustrated. But you won’t necessarily get things right the first time. If you do, congrats. Still, you shouldn’t expect it

Don’t let a failed first attempt stop you from trying again. You’ll never know what you’re good at until you take that shot in the dark.

– Don’t Let Perfection Stop You.

Your first attempt will never be completely error- free.

I’m talking about the artist who painstakingly touches up each brushstroke before the canvas is even partially completed. The writer who spends far too much time worrying about the laws of punctuation before the piece actually reaches a word document.

Quit trying to follow those rigid rules!

The longer you spend worrying over the shading of character’s face, the less likely your original intention will reach the canvas. To maintain that inspiration you have to go with your gut.

You can’t worry about perfection – not right away. Especially as an artist. Let it flow – be it words, color, dance moves, or rhythm. You can always retouch or edit later if needed.

You’ll be amazed how much you’ll achieve.

– Leave Your Worries At The Door.

Let your passion and desire to achieve be at the forefront of your mind. Rid as much negativity from your thoughts as you can.

In the aftermath of a personal struggle, leaving your worries at the door is tough. For your inspiration to regain its full potential you must let the power of those concerns diminish.

Consider what you can create when you’ve regained your inspiration. Do you really want to let toxic feelings get in the way? Should your newest portrait be clouded with false shadows simply because you let your worries gain the upper hand?

Of course not!

Leave your worries alone for a while. Let your inspiration take over once more.

Get Inspired!

Inspiration – no matter its strength – can fall through quickly. It happens suddenly. Too quickly for you to latch on before it slips through your fingers.

Luckily, it’s never truly gone forever. There are things you can do to get it back. It’ll take effort. But with time, you’ll be inspired once more.

Get out there! See the world; create something amazing. Your inspiration is waiting.