Why Perfection Isn't Worth the Pursuit

We are not without flaws. Our bodies, actions, thoughts, and words are not perfect. But nothing progresses in a straight, obstacle-free line.

A stream cannot flow naturally without bending when needed.

Your passion won’t amount to anything without some rifts along the way. Hurdles to prove your determination; to illustrate your natural abilities. And most importantly, to help showcase – for yourself and those that matter – your strength in a world that is far from perfect. In a community of ambition-seekers that is loud.  A group filled with voices of a collective that all want the same thing – fulfillment.

But this, none of it, can be done in a simplistic, unnatural world. A place void of mistakes and human specialty.

Make it work in your favor before you’re consumed by what could have been. Swallowed whole by what potential you did have.

Though your goals may be reached, they’ll be stale; unnatural. Wiped clean of the very thing that makes your ambition worth pursuing. The stuff that makes those dreams unique, important, and worth your time.

You’ve been sadly misinformed.

Perfection – with its idealistic connotations and pleasant attributions – is unnatural. We were never meant to strive for it. To push for a life void of complexities and tragic incidents.

The human condition is universal. It implies perfection is – and should rightly be – your primary objective. But if that were so, life would be meaningless. Unnatural. Unimportant.

Thus, I ask you – why bother in the first place? Why strain yourself? Why push for perfection when the outcome would prove empty?

Though we may consciously strive to be flawless in all endeavors, our souls yearn for that rock wall. We hope – subconsciously – that a bridge, impossible of passing, will pop up, leading us to a detour down a different, yet intriguing path.

Take your life into your questioning hands.

Strive for the complex; healthy obstacles that prove your worth and showcase your talents. Don’t push for perfection in a richly diverse and obstacle-enhanced world.

Strive for the unknown. Enhance your life with the unfamiliar. It’s what we were meant to do.