4 Things You Should Know Before You Give Up

“I give up.” The phrase sounds so distasteful. Finite; sad – like a story coming to an end before the author pens a good one. Yet folks do this easily. For whatever reason, people simply give up. They neglect their dreams, motivation, and ambition for something less than desirable.

It’s a life choice.

You’ve been programmed to believe this is normal. You’ve been made to think giving up is simply a part of life. You have been told that once an endeavor becomes unsteady, you’re expected to give in.

People are better at empathizing with someone who gave up, not one who succeeded.

Some folks struggle for years simply to fit in. Many have a tough time living in a world that continues to lay boundaries; a place that races to cover the things that make you unique. What makes you unique – your talents, race, passion, sexuality, ideas, gender – these are frowned upon in certain circles. And so, the best parts of you are slowly degraded to dust by dull critics and bullies.

With enough criticism, you begin to feel worthless.

Eventually, you are coerced into giving up; into leading a life void of passion. You’re forced to persevere with an uninteresting, stressful job. You are stuck living with no hope for a brighter future. You’re forced to give up before reaching your full potential.

But before you do, consider the following points. Aren’t your dreams worth a little bit of your time?

1. There are still good people in this world.

Hard to believe, yes. But the world is full of lively, vibrant folks. People are still willing to go the extra mile. There are groups of selfless, happy people who spread optimism in a world that feels dreary and tiring.

Giving in is easy. Personal chaos weighs you down; your drive loses its edge – with these tribulations in your back pocket, giving up may feel like the best option. But don’t discontinue your path because you feel alone on this journey. There are others out there in the same boat. There are plenty of people willing to step in just when you lose hope.

Somewhere out there is someone who, just like you, is vying for positivity. There are many pursuing their ambitions because they feel without that journey, life would be meaningless. There are plenty of people who pick others up because their goal is more complex than their own success.

You may be surrounded by toxicity, but there are plenty of good people in this world. Find them before you give up. Let their positive vibes heal your crippling self-confidence. You’re more than whatever is holding you back.

2. Life isn’t meant to be easy.

It’s called a journey for a reason. If it were simple and the world were somehow rid of all things complicated, just how fruitful would your life be? How fulfilled would you be as an individual?

Hardships, and how we struggle through them, add to our character. They indicate our strength, perseverance, and determination as individuals.

4 Things You Should Know Before You Give Up

Life is tough. It will throw you into the depths of a forest with merely your wits, prior knowledge, and perhaps a light jacket. Life will not tell you how to persevere. It will not take you by the hand and indicate how to spark a small fire.

Your journey will never be easy.

It may seem ideal to simply let go; to give in when life hands you a bow without an arrow. But you can’t give up because your path is unsettling.

Life will never be simple. How you go from here is your decision.

3. A bully retains only the strength you provide.

The power of an instigator only goes so far. Without your input, their strength diminishes; their power decreases. Bullies are only as strong as whatever support they’re given.

But if the victim stands up higher, the bully will cower. It might take time. And, sadly, this may not be the case for every bully. But bullies rely on physical and emotional distress. If you prove you’re stronger, you will come out on top.

Don’t give in to a critic’s remarks. One fabricated rumor isn’t as powerful as you think. If you give it life, it will spread. But if you show the truth, the lie will diminish.

Let go of your fear. Don’t give up before you stand against this intimidator, whatever or whoever it may be. You’re stronger than you know. And a bully is never as strong as he thinks.

4. You aren’t alone.

The world is vast. When you’re in a dark place scrambling for a bit of light, it’s hard to believe anyone could be on your side. It’s tough to push through doubt to see the truth. It isn’t easy to see that many folks are in a similar situation.

Believe me – you aren’t alone. There will always be someone suffering a similar plight as you.

No matter how tough life gets, or how many bad experiences you’ve had, there are other folks out there. There are people who can – and will – help. Don’t give up because you feel alone in this life. Worthwhile connections can be made when least expected.

Don’t live in regret.

You aren’t as lonely as you think. And your life is far more significant than you realize.

Life should be meaningful. Your journey should be filled with passion and happiness. Don’t give in before reaching that point. Your life is yours to manage. Handle it carefully.