Why Regret Shouldn't Control Your Life

We regret because we’re human. Because our humanity clarifies our minds and heightens our emotions.

We look back on past unsettling incidents with remorse because it feels necessary. It’s a step towards enlightenment – a new understanding of something potentially vital to our existence.

But regret is an ocean one should sail delicately.

You may reach an understanding. Perhaps you’ll grasp some personal epiphany that leads to your undoing. An inspirational moment capable of wielding a double-edged sword; a weapon capable of either fighting with you or against you.

Still, you needn’t regret what could not be done.

Naturally, things will be left unfinished within a chaotic, fast-paced life. Certain opportunities simply aren’t meant to be – no matter how meaningful they feel, or how powerful they seem.

Regret – no matter its strength – shouldn’t be prioritized.

Success isn’t reliant on what you accomplish, but rather how you reach it.

You aren’t merely a pawn fleshed out for a brief game of life. You’re a primary piece of its puzzle. A component the world would be far less pleasing without. A vital piece in a journey much deeper and vaster than what you see with your own eyes.

You cannot focus on regret; on whatever you feel you should have done. On all things with consequences you now think on in shame. All potential opportunities you missed because your focus was centered elsewhere.

Your experiences may enrich your life. They might prove insightful; useful. Perhaps they’ll lead to new discoveries regarding yourself and the individual you’ve become. But those experiences are two-faced in nature. They’re capable of promoting heightened greatness or forcing you into a dark corner with merely your scattered emotional state for company.

These incidents may fill your burdened mind with toxic thoughts. Perhaps make you feel less than worthy amidst these painful memories. They may assault your ambition with wisdom; knowledge that could alter your present path. But you cannot let regret run your life.

There is no moving forward if the mind is drenched in the past.

You cannot progress if your mind is soaked with anguish, sorrow, and embarrassment.

Your life – all you set out to accomplish – relies on one thing: you. Your strength, motivation, and determination. This journey relies on your persistence to keep going; your drive to reach success. To live a fulfilled life rather than remain a docile, mindless pawn.

Learning from your mistakes is positive, but catering to them will only lead to regret. To a diminished personal journey void of positive self-awareness; a path loaded with events outside your realm of control.

We are not pawns to a leader entitled regret.

We are the controllers. And your destiny is yours to mold.

Ultimately, regret shouldn’t control your endeavors. It needn’t play as large of a role as you’d think. Don’t regret what could have been. Don’t grieve over all you should have done.

Learn from those experiences; take note of their consequences. But don’t live in regret. Your progress is more than a lost path not taken.