Motherhood: An Ode to a Special Woman

You are woman – strong and capable.
Through strife you illustrated the meaning of womanhood.
You’ve proved that femininity needn’t always require a soft touch.

Dedicated, you helped me form a bond with life; an inspiring outlook.
Because in your eyes, all life is created equal.
And what is different must be celebrated, not ridiculed.

Because of you, I am ready.
I now shake the hand of life with perseverance and strength.
And I am prepared. Equipped to handle whatever is thrown my way.

Because of you.

You illustrated that strength is derived from wisdom.
From the understanding that life is not always easy.
And that what you deserve cannot be found without complexity.

On this day, I thank you.
With gratitude, I commend you for all you have done.

I appreciate you for carving me into the woman I have become.
You showed me that the road ahead may be long. And it certainly will not be easy.
But you have helped me face the world as I should – strong, open-minded, and forever passionate.

Thank you for your belief in me.
For letting me know that effort trumps a tantrum.

You are an inspiration.
And this world is made better by your presence.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the selfless, loving mothers out there. You are loved and appreciated. Celebrate yourself. You deserve it!