Why Risk is Worth the Effort

Risk grips us when least expected. It leads us down dusty, uncertain paths.

With unforeseeable consequences, we jump head first into the water below.

With a tight grasp on our strength, we dive forward. Our courage drives us. Our ambition strives for what makes us whole. For what carves us into the person we were meant to be.

But what happens when the free-flowing water you were expecting turns to ice?

Once that steady landing you envisioned turns to stone – what then? When that lookout creates a new perspective – what happens next?

Perhaps you feel there is another cliff below. A point just out of view. Another opportunity to help you reach success.

Yet it turns out to be a drop-off leading to a stone-covered ground. A pit littered with others who tried to make things better by taking a risk. People who pursued their ambitions without careful thought. With a disregard for consequences.

Alas, the world’s risk-takers lay broken, cowering amidst a sea of settlers. Folks who felt their first jump was not worth a second attempt. Ambitious individuals who deemed their success improbable.

First attempts don’t always end well.

Upon this first step, you are still calculating. Trying to figure out how to reach your dreams with a soft, cushy landing.

But will this mindset really help you move forward? Aren’t risks worth the turmoil they create? Isn’t the sweat you put into your goals worth the potential for greatness?

Perhaps you are a planner. Maybe you prefer preparedness over spontaneity. So, you look forward with purpose. Actively, you search for a means to reach the bottom without a scratch to show for your efforts.

But wouldn’t you rather try, fail, and try again? Or would you rather be one of the many at the bottom of that pit who gave in too quickly?

Risks are worth your time – no matter how many lead to failure. No matter how distraught they make you feel. The consequences, even the most troubling, are valuable.

– The Best Outcomes Often Require the Most Risk

You will never reach success if you don’t put your best food forward.

Risk and ambition must go hand in hand. The chances you take, no matter the consequences, must be assumed. Your journey requires risk. It should not be feared.

For even the most dedicated individual, consequences are frightening. This feeling is expected. But your ambitions require strength. And within that is the power to get over this fear.

You must be able to move forward without viewing the unknown with such distaste.

You may find this difficult to believe. Perhaps life has always been simple. Planned. Set in stone with no worthy alternative.

But what is good – all that follows risk – is often left unnoticed. Why? Because you are too busy focusing on what should happen. Too focused on the next expected step when the most promising requires a questionable path.

Do not falter from risk. What you are meant to achieve requires at least a little of the unpredictable.

– Risk Needn’t be a Large Undertaking

When people consider risk, they think of it as a large entity. Something one undertakes when beginning a new career path or starting a family with one income as provision.

But risk is not always such a large task.

Carried out by the most unexpected people, risk occurs in small, yet powerful means. Your decision to take the hard trail on a hike as opposed to the easy path. The time you took a road trip across the country without a GPS or map as guidance. Your pursuit of a degree while working full-time and tending to your family.

These experiences are all risky.

In their own way, these occurrences are trying – likely a bit outside of your comfort zone. But the aftermath is almost always worth it.

That difficult trail led you higher up the mountain, providing you an even greater sunset view. Your road trip may lead you on a journey to a ghost town you never knew existed. That degree you achieved may generate the desire to start your own business.

People shy away from risk because it frightens them. Because they think it requires more effort than it actually does.

But risks are not always large undertakings. Often, they are small, bite-sized bits of life packed into one singular event. An occasion that will either take you to your intended destination or to one even more life-altering.

Take a risk once in a while. It needn’t be as big of an ordeal as you think.

– Your Life Requires Risk

Perhaps you think you are playing it safe. Maybe you believe that by ignoring risk you are doing yourself a favor. That maintaining a straight, narrow life path crafts more promise for success.

On the contrary, such notions are misguided, held together by the string of an idealized world. A place you felt your dreams were being pursued brilliantly. Sadly, the pursuit of a dream in this manner leads you only to disaster.

Without risk, we will all sit idly.

Aimlessly, we stare at our surroundings hoping for the good that will never come. With hope we pray to whatever we place our faith in that what is meant to be will be.

But your role in this world is more significant than you think. The place you envision with your dreams answered and ambitions realized – it is achievable.

How? By taking risks – however small – to reach your intended goals.

Your objectives will not be realized through hope. Instead, you must invest yourself – your time, efforts, and passion. Risk is a necessary part of that process. Without it, you will never truly reach your potential.

Take a Risk – Your Ambition is Calling You

Life is about what you set out to achieve. Goals you set, aspirations you reach for, and successes you celebrate.

Risk intertwines with your life path. You may not be able to reach for it. It is not a tangible object you can carry with you. But it is a necessary part of life.

The risks you take needn’t be outside your comfort zone. Remember: starting small is just as commendable.

Take risks as they come. Pursue what will best fit your path. Do not let another decree you cannot. Stay positive – your life is worth it.