How Love Is Taken for Granted

Folks often love out of requirement. They tell themselves they are in love to fit in. To fill an empty space in their heart. They do it because a child was born unexpectedly. To please a universal, fairytale notion that a loving partnership is required. That it’s needed for human progression.

But they are wrong.

Love should not be toyed with. It’s not a mere word, but rather a spoken declaration of passionate adoration.

It is a fondness for someone – or something – that goes deeper than skin. A feeling that trumps jealousy, hatred, and prolonged family feuds.

Love, when it’s real, should not be forgotten.

It should not be tossed aside due to career advancement. The desire for something more should not diminish its true meaning.

Love is more than a mere token of progression. And it is capable of demonstrating both the best and worst in people. Yet folks often search for love in the wrong places – confusing something that works for true passion. They settle because in their minds, the best is long gone. They lose sight of the good with which they have been blessed.

Because who lets us know if something isn’t right for our journey? Who points us in the right direction? You may be determined to make something work. Even if it’s wrong for you. No matter the consequences.

But who tells you when something isn’t meant to be? In a word – you.

Ultimately, your path is yours to control. So why settle if something isn’t right for you?

The meaning of love shouldn’t be lost.

But we take it for granted more often that we should.

Relationships – even the most loving – can dwindle due to negativity carved by outside forces.

Eventually, people lose sight of what formed that loving bond in the first place. Success is given precedence over passion.  Couples pretend all is well when backstage everything is falling to bits. Eventually, the relationship dwindles from one of passion to one of obligation.

Love is universal.

So why has its meaning been lost? Why have we coerced it from its pure origin to something less wholesome; something utilized as a means to an end?

When it comes to relationships, we must all take heed. Realize their importance; cultivate your bonds.

Love is often taken for granted. Be cautious with this delicate emotion. What is forged in passion can easily be lost.

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