How Hardship is Beneficial to Your Growth

Your life will never be void of hardship. The path you set for yourself will involve multiple struggles. You will face alarming enemies, unexpected consequences, and disastrous failures. The different forms of hardship you encounter may lead to disaster. Each struggle you deal with might worsen with time.

Yet these are the moments that define you.

Regardless of the complexities you face, each incident highlights the qualities within you that are most significant. These hardships add fire to your passion. They help you carry the weight of possibility with an effective and self-assured attitude. Such trying events take you on emotional roller-coaster rides, showcasing your hidden strengths.

Still, people tend to discredit the value of hardship. They gauge the aftermath too stressful; the journey far too traumatic.

To such disbelievers, life is better lived without the constant struggle of good versus evil; hard versus easy. They maintain you can’t obtain the life you seek if a hardship is tying you to your past.

But these skeptics are sadly mistaken. Don’t let their misinformed guide to life halt your ability to progress!

Life will never be a simple streak toward opportunity. You will never reach success without first encountering failure. The high road must be taken to achieve what you ultimately desire.

4 Benefits of Life’s Hardships

The struggle is real – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Fortunately, the benefits of any hardship will outweigh the consequences you may face.

1. How to Regain Composure in Trying Situations

What happens when you fail? Your ego deflates; the passion that once lit your existence is stifled like the wax wick of a burning candle. And you falter. Your once bold decisions are now met with reconsideration. The confidence you formerly exuded no longer conveys the same power.

Regaining composure post-hardship isn’t easy. Sluggish, exhausted, and likely a little burned out, you’re left wallowing in the pool of your own self-pity. But the way you handle yourself from this point is in your control.

Experiencing a struggle heightens your ability to recover. You learn the hard way that you must bounce back. And you must do so in a timely fashion.

It may take a few attempts to achieve this benefit. But once your mind is in the right place, you will regain composure like a champ.

2. The True Essence of a Personal Journey.

Life will differ for everyone. The definitions you place on what is most significant will fluctuate as you grow. Those perspectives will vary from that of your lover, friend, and peers.

Yet there is one factor that remains constant for everyone: the essence of a personal journey.

One’s journey isn’t crafted from goal-setting and achievement. Your path isn’t defined by the successes you accomplish or the happiness you exude. While these experiences factor into your development, there is more to life than such joyous occasions.

How Hardship is Beneficial - Personal Journey

Hardship is required to keep that fire lit and your passion undeterred.

You will never experience the journey for which you ache without a bad experience under your belt. A recent tragedy may inflict heartbreak. Blissfully unaware of your surroundings, too muddled by sadness, you may fall into that feeling – heading into a nothingness that feels impossible to detach from.

But the advantage you will have gained through this experience is pure.

The journey you hoped for – the path you deserve and ambition you ached for – are possible with this experience behind you.

It takes the tough emotions to keep us motivated. Don’t let the skeptics fool you. Hardship is needed to acquire a completed personal journey.

3. The Real Reason Life’s Fortunes Cannot be Handed Over

Nothing in life is free. Ever. Precious commodities will always come at a cost. I’m not just talking about man-made products. These fortunes can range from love to an enjoyable job. The fee for these items may not be money. But you might be required to hand over something more valuable:

  • Your time.
  • Labor you will put forth on an upcoming project.

Without the experience of hardship behind you, the concept of effort will never fully be grasped. Becoming a famous screenwriter doesn’t happen in a week. It takes more than one inquiry to land the job you want. Your fitness goals will never be met if you don’t begin a personal regimen on your own time.

Nothing will ever simply fall into your lap. While you deserve the best in life, you will not gain those fortunes with mere luck and a wish on a star.

Through hardship, you will learn one of the most significant lessons of all: the thing you want or need most will never be handed to you.

Regardless of your power, this factor cannot be avoided. Learn to appreciate the value it enforces. Your personal journey will only improve.

4. Personal Praise is Often the Best Medicine for Progress

Why rely on another to provide the acknowledgement you can give yourself?

Progress is reliant upon two things:

  • Your ability to adapt while the world alters around you.
  • The kindness you pay yourself when something you worked for falls flat.

Hardship is Beneficial - Personal Praise

Beating yourself up over a failure will only lead to disaster. The hardship you face will only feel more empowering. The struggle will win, and you will be left in the dust – lost to an enemy you enabled.

While the benefits of these struggles are worth the experience, you can’t give in to the power of the incident. You must push ahead; force yourself through the chaos of emotion. Your perspective of yourself is what matters most here. Don’t let it dissipate into something less than true because a recent hardship lowered your self-confidence.

The way you treat yourself retains far more merit than you may prefer to provide. Don’t devalue yourself after a particularly difficult struggle. You aren’t worth the personal betrayal.

Hardship is a Gift. Treat it With Care.

The manner you tackle life will differ from everyone else. Yet regardless of your path, goals, profession, or perspective, hardship is inevitable.  The unavoidable complexities of a struggle are awaiting you at the beginning, middle, and possibly even the end of every road you attempt to travel.

You may feel claustrophobic by the mere depth of that fact. But just know – you aren’t alone.

That being said – compose yourself! Don’t let your journey be tainted by falsehoods about easy fortune and peer-acknowledgment for progress.

Hardship is an experience felt by everyone. And the benefits are far more significant than the complexities they may raise.