The Beauty of the Human Experience

The human experience is a terrible thing to waste.

Consider each life you’ve touched. Think about the events you have witnessed, both tragic and wonderful. Ponder every wonder with which your life has been blessed; the opportunities you’ve experienced.

Each moment is significant. And every second is a crucial piece of your personal journey.

Your experience on this planet comes down to one vital person: you. The life you lead doesn’t rely on gold, precious jewels, or mere luck. Whichever path you opt for isn’t crafted from another’s success. The journey you set out on is only possible because of you.

The Mind Versus the Human Experience

It’s been noted that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. After all, the mind is powerful, bright, and effortlessly capable of achievement. It provides the gifts of reason, logic, and the often forgotten necessity of common sense.

How could anything top that? What could possibly prove more valuable than such an asset? How could something else undermine the significance of the mind? Is anything more respectable than the piece of humanity that got us from point A to B; from one technological advancement to the next?

The human experience is vastly more powerful. And its powers are far more significant.

The life you lead is more valuable than the innovations crafted from the mind alone. Without this experience, you would never begin to understand or empathize with the needs of another. A rigid soul with a jaded attitude would never become a respected manager. Teachers in poverty-stricken locations would never feel for the difficulties their students face.

The Quest Matters More than the Endgame The Beauty of the Human Experience - The Quest

It’s the moments that count – the life-changing incidents. Each flash of emotion with the strength to change your path. The occasions of pure happiness carved from effort and a heavy dose of courage.

The human experience binds us together. It keeps us moving through tragedy; centers our ambition during the darkest of hours. This bond enables a universal understanding. It forges compassion across the lines that often entice separation: class, race, gender, sexuality.

With this experience, you are fully connected with the rest of the world. You are able to empathize when a war-torn country pleads for help. You are capable of identifying with a mother who lost her two sons in a house fire.

This experience ensures the decency of humanity. It keeps us alert when the easy path unfolds and our attention swerves from the road of necessity. It forces us to focus on the truth when lying feels like the natural option.

The human experience forges within us a deep connection to our ancestors. It serves as a reminder for both the lives they lived and the lessons they left behind.

We Would Be Lost Without Emotional Connections

Fairytales with classic stories of glass slippers and princesses would have never graced our shelves. Stories of heroism in dystopian futures, family secrets against the Cold War backdrop, romance tales of love gone wrong – none of these tales would have ever adorned the pages of a book. The reason your great-grandmother chose to marry outside the class expected of her? That love story would never have come to fruition.

Where would we be without the blessing of the human experience? How would we instill our present path on the descendants of our world?

With the mind, we can ensure technological advancement, growth, and medicinal advances. But the human experience promises much more for our future.

Don’t be dissuaded when life pushes you around. The strength you pull from a tragedy will only keep you going. The joy you feel after accomplishing a goal only adds to the flames. Remember: every moment counts. And your experience is just as significant as that of another.