What a Positive Romantic Partner Does for Your Spirit

Partnerships forged through life’s twists are worth their weight in effort.

A worthy romantic partner will ignite your passion. Romance is one thing, but relationships are much more than what happens behind closed doors. Morning murmurs at the breakfast table, daily compromises, constant compassion – these occurrences build the necessary health of a solid relationship.

And they require stamina to maintain.

Your partner will complete you. This is the person who will embark on life’s journey by your side, courageously stepping up when you’re at your weakest.

Whether you’re knee-deep in research trying to finish your dissertation or deprived of sunlight after coming off of a 14-hour shift – this person will keep you grounded. He is the one who aids in your fight for redemption after a heavy loss. The one who helps you succeed whenever possible.

A romantic partner attentive to your goals will not go unnoticed. You’ll see it in their conversation. Rather than ignoring your stress regarding an upcoming deadline, this person will provide the discussion you need to stay focused.

You’ll notice this person’s intent in their features, in the way they remain relaxed and strong when you are weak, fidgety, and unable to progress. You’ll see their affection in their defense of your actions when another unfairly pulls you under the bus.

You will notice this person’s intent in the focus they show; in the way they stand by your side as life derails.

This person will remain forever constant.

They will endure, lingering with assistance as you tackle career downfalls, personal tribulations, and unpredictable financial complications.

Finding this person won’t be easy. You may endure years of hardship before locating your true partner. You might suffer through 3 divorces before discovering the one who effortlessly weaves into your soul. Perhaps you’ll find the one in the form of a compassionate listener after being stood up by another.

Whether you have to travel the world or simply relocate within your home state – this person is out there. Perhaps you’ve known this person your entire life. Maybe you never considered taking the leap from friendship to romance until it was deemed it too late.

The time it takes to locate this person is irrelevant. What matters is the effort and patience you provide the search. A solid romantic partner is truly worth the wait.

Remember – the first person you involve yourself with may not be the best person for your soul. The first person you tie yourself to in marriage may not be in your best interest.

One day, when you’re least expecting it, the one will come along. On that day, your hand will be taken by the person meant to help you change your life for the better.

4 Qualities of a Positive Romantic Partner

1. Creates Goodness Out of Chaos 

What a Positive Romantic Partner Does for Your Spirit

Consider the anxiety that fills your body after a stressful workday. Think about the tragedies life throws your way. Look back upon the last conversation you had with a terrible customer service representative – how angry were you?

What follows these experiences is chaos. Not physically destructive turmoil, but an inner-chaos. An emotional disarray that fuels your body to continue on a negative path.

In turn, you become overwhelmed. A personal destructive path you’re unable to shake controls your next move. An intense feeling of worthlessness then takes over, forcing you to take cover within yourself.

All that is good is chucked aside, paving the way for a terrible personal detour you never expected.

Fortunately, this chaos can be remedied by one single person – your romantic partner.

The phrase, “Through thick and thin,” truly has merit.

If the person you chose to share your life with is good for you, they will help you create goodness out of chaos. The bad day you had at the office will turn from an individual shouting match to a relaxing movie fest on the couch. The anger you experience after any hardship will follow with an understanding discussion and an activity to take your mind off the edge.

Whatever bad experience you go through, regardless of the chaos you experience on a daily basis, this person should bring you back to center. He or she will invoke the fire of ambition within you needed to help you persevere.

This person will not bring you down. He will not aggressively tear into what you could have done to make the situation better. Instead, he will help you guide yourself from the chaos. In turn, the optimism you once felt will relight your life. What is good will take over your ambition.

2. Enlightens Your Self-Purpose

Consider your past relationships. Were your dreams ever recognized fully? Did the person you remained close with provide your ambitions the attention they deserved? Were your passions cast aside to make way for their own?

If you’re in this situation now, get out. Just do it. Why? Because if this person is unable to clearly see the significance of your personal pursuits now, they never will.

A positive romantic partner will push for your talents to be utilized; for your goals to be set and achieved. They will light the fire within you needed to help you chase your purpose. They will face the horror of rejection by your side. They’ll make sure you reach your goals are reached, however farfetched they may first appear.

Through encouragement and optimism, this person will help you be the best you that you could possibly be. And they will make sure your self-purpose is realized when you’re unable to see the light of possibility.

3. Soothes Your Inner-Conflict

Have you ever felt weary as you start the day? Perhaps you wake up, tend to your daily morning routine, and mid-way through the brewing of your first cup of coffee on a Wednesday morning you suddenly lose yourself. You sit at the table, mug in hand, feeling lost. Why? You aren’t sure what triggered it. But you know getting through it won’t be easy.

The self-image you have of yourself has been trampled by critics. Media coverage about healthy images and vigorous fitness levels have lowered your self-confidence. The worries you feel as you prepare for yet another job interview in a long list of many trouble your mind.

When you lose focus on your own life and let the needs of others trample yours – that’s when dread takes over. And it is that exact moment your inner-conflict burns within you.

Such conflicts can be demanding, draining, and uninspiring. Focused on destruction, these struggles will diminish your creative energy. In turn, a darkness you feel you can never return from will fill your soul.

A worthy romantic partner will help guide you back home.

This person will escort you, helping soothe the inner-conflict that troubles you with support and guidance. They will help you realize the person you truly are. Your needs, whatever they may be, will be cared for.

He will ensure that inner-conflict within you is depleted, paving the way for the you they know the world is meant to see.

4. Faces Your Fears by Your Side

What frightens you most can be traumatic.

Traveling to a new state for a potential job opportunity? Learning to hone your craft before you show the world your talents? Prepping for a new promotion recently granted to you by your employer?

The reservations you may have about these opportunities are delicate. Truthfully, the anxiety that follows can be worse than facing the fear in itself. With the support and guidance from a positive romantic partner, you can get through any situation.

Rather than letting you harbor your fears, this person will not let you go down without trying. They will not let you remain apathetic in a world stacked against you. In a world where the odds are most certainly not always in your favor, you have to be strong. You must be defensive of what matters most to you.

The partner who deserves your trust is the one who will help you see your goals to the very end – even if you must face a few fears along the way.

And so this person will stand by your side while you battle the complexities of life. With courage, he will help your ambitions be realized.

Whatever you wish to accomplish is possible. This person will ensure you remember that fact.

What a Positive Romantic Partner Does for Your Spirit

A True Romantic Partnership Is Worth the Fight

Not all relationships are meant to last. Not all romantic ties will make it through the chaos and help you achieve what you are meant to accomplish. The person you tie yourself to now may not be the best person for your future.

But the romantic partner who builds you up, the one who helps you handle the complexities life throws your way with courage and optimism – this is the person your soul deserves. This is the one you need to reach whatever ambitions you’ve held tight to your chest for simple fear of rejection.

This is the person you must endeavor to find and hold onto. Why? Because this is the one who will ultimately light your soul.

Hold tight the one who pushes you forwards. Sharing in life’s adventures with this person is worth the experience. Whether it takes 10, 20, or 30 years – you will find the partner who deserves your passion.