Success Leaves No Room for Intimidation

Success is essential to human nature. Effort shapes who you are. Your pursuits craft the substance of who you are as a person. They illustrate your abilities; the skills you’ve learned over time. They enable you to be the best you possibly can be.

Yet at times, these efforts are lost. They get strewn about when life tosses chaos in your face. They’re denied the opportunity to grow; to gain recognition.

In life, it’s easy to get pushed back. Other people, debts that have blown out of your control, probabilities you could’ve never imagined possible – these things can prevent a dream. You will face incidents that stand in the way of progress. Unexpected moments will push your dreams out of reach.

Success Leaves No Room for Intimidation

And so, your ideal future gets held back. Your dreams of continued education are placed on hold. Your hopes to achieve a debt-free life by the age of 30 are put on the backburner. Your original dream is tossed aside.

Life may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Not all the time, anyway.

But you can’t blame the world for the things you couldn’t accomplish. You can’t place blame on another because your dreams didn’t unfold in the time you expected.

Nothing will ever come of your misguided attempts and your inability to try.

You may never reach those high standards. The dreams you set for yourself in high-school may be long gone. But you will never get out of that rut without trying to do so yourself. Life simply doesn’t work that way.

Don’t Let Intimidation Stop You

You can’t let intimidation set you back. Nerves, fear, anxiety – these emotions are normal. They cannot be avoided. And no, you can’t control them. But you can control their influence on you.

A superior may be stronger, larger, and far bolder than you. But that gives them no right to induce fear within you simply because they can. It gives them no right to hinder your progress because they at first view you to be weak.

This world is filled with a majority who prefer the disaster and rebuild method over long-term cleanup. There are far too many intimidators in a sea of passive, kind-hearted individuals.

But what if everyone took a stand? What if kindness were to mix with confidence?

Once everyone begins to stand up for themselves, when the dreams of the quieter individual aren’t walked over – only then will the intimidators see the inappropriate nature of their stance.

You can demonstrate that aggression doesn’t make the world a better place. You can prove that intimidation will not help a victory come alive. How? By pushing against the status quo.

You cannot control the actions of another. But you can control the effect they have on you.

Master life on your own terms.

There is no right or wrong way to succeed. Your personal journey will always differ from that of another.

Perhaps you’re in the slow lane, gradually plucking along until the right opportunity shows itself. Maybe you’re speeding along in the fast lane, quickly gaining towards a goal you can almost taste. You may be the hare or the turtle. But it doesn’t matter. Success doesn’t depend on speed. Life doesn’t provide hand-outs to anyone, regardless of strengths or weaknesses.

You may find your pace unnerving. The sight of another passing you, the knowledge that someone else could reach their goals first – it may set you on edge.

They’ll get there first! If I don’t speed up, I’ll never make it in time!

But you’re wrong.

The dream that person is racing towards is not your own. Whatever ambitions fuel your peer are not identical to yours. This life you lead is yours. And it is not a race.

This journey isn’t a timed quest doomed to be erased when another reaches their dream first.

You must control your life on your own terms. You must meet success according to your personal abilities and needs. Rushing into an opportunity without preparation won’t do you any good. Hurriedly jumping over obstacles you were always meant to overcome in order to get ahead is trivial.

The next time your peer cries with joy from success, be happy for him. Learn to appreciate his efforts. He put forth more than you realize to reach that goal. Imagine the hares he had to lag behind to get to where he stands now. For all you know, he deserves that success.

Your personal victory is on the horizon, if only you’re prepared to reach it.