The Significance of Trust in the Making of a Dream

To trust oneself is the truest form of self-love. Yet when life forces you to take a step back, this faith is tested. The few precious moments shortly after the muse has left, when the creative force that once took your passions to the lengths they deserve – that is the point you must reign in your trust.

And yet folks find themselves in this situation constantly. Like clockwork, almost. And coming out of it isn’t easy.

Finding the ability to trust yourself following an emotionally draining experience is one of the toughest mountains life could possibly throw your way. Still, you must overcome. You may tell yourself the next pass will be easier. You might falter at the mere sight of that rocky cliff and decide to stay put. Yet you must climb that mountain. Why? Because what you want to happen won’t magically occur.

And the moment you stop trying, the very second you make the confident decision to not provide an opportunity the nourishment needed or required to grow and thrive – that is when you will have lost. That is the significant moment you will have undoubtedly lost it all.

Oh, well. There’s always next time.

But that, my friend, is where you’re wrong.

This world has given more than humanity has yet to fathom. Life provides more blessings and opportunities than one can track with ease. But among those blessings time doesn’t have a place. And no, it never will.

Time Is Not Certain

You have no way of knowing what time will provide for you. You cannot know what will or will not come of a trip up the next mountain. Embracing your inner-self, placing trust in yourself after your motivation seemingly seeps from existence is far easier said than done.

Gaining any bit of inspiration back may at first appear daunting. It may feel like you’re about to undertake the Mount Everest you never planned on climbing. Not because you couldn’t, but because far too many before you have turned back before ever reaching the top.

But remember – some of the most memorable successes came from a trek up that looming mountain.

In order to gain back what was lost, to revert back to the motivated you that once was, you must remain courageous. You must trust yourself.

Sure, the depth may frighten you. Your breath may be lost for a brief moment while you regain your footing. Don’t worry – the buildup is worth it.

Don’t ever let yourself be fooled by time. Don’t stray from what is necessary to make things easier. We’ve all got our own mountains to climb.

No one ever said the path you lead will be simple. No one ever mentioned anything about straying from chaos or complexity in order to find yourself.

Whatever success is on the horizon for you, just know to expect turbulence. Perhaps an avalanche or two.

You may feel tired, even a bit emotionally drained. Once inspiration is lost, gaining traction can be tough, especially when apathy takes over. But know this – it is possible. You can get through those moments of weakness. Picking up the pieces; saying you will simply try again – these actions can only be taken if you have faith in yourself. If you provide yourself the strength you need to continue.

Trust in Yourself

That mountain will be much easier to handle once you’ve acknowledged your inner-strength. Each haunting cliff will be less scary once you’ve provided yourself the confidence you deserve.

Don’t let a drop in motivation kill your future. Time is truly of the essence. Take your future in the palm of your hands – mold it into existence, even if you have to sort through an emotional rough patch. Even if you must deal with a little chaos.

No one ever regained their inspiration in a day.

Provide yourself the effort and trust you need to regain your footing. That mountain you’ve been trekking will be easier to handle once you’ve provided yourself the faith you deserve.