How to Begin Moving on from Your Past

Life is a complex journey filled with missed turns, uncrossed paths, and unmistakable opportunities. Moving on from unfortunate circumstances will never be easy.

No one has the strength to pick up the pieces of life with ease. Your abilities don’t matter. Your ambitions don’t even play a part in this. Regardless of who you are, getting over the past cannot be done in a day. While moving on is possible, it takes effort and strength to proceed.

Are you sitting on a pile of unforeseen consequences? Were these problems created after you chose to not follow through on a dream? If so, you may feel like giving up. No one would blame you.

You may have weighed the options, considering what might happen. You may be wondering what could have happened if you had chosen A over B. And perhaps you found moving on to be a lesser of two evils.

Sadly, not everyone is this strong.

You may be capable of thinking things through after a disappointment. But your friend over there is thinking the worst of herself. Why? Because she and Jake just ended their 5-year relationship. Your coworker Jean was just turned down for that promotion at the office. Now, she’s having a tough time regaining her confidence.

Rejection after rejection may lead you to feel the worst of yourself. But no one ever said moving on would be easy, did they? If that were the case, life would be simple.

But how well would you survive without a little chaos?

Life is complex. Always has been, always will be. Yet moving on is simply a part of life.

It’s a skill you must learn to develop; an ability you must nourish. Why? Because if you can’t move on, you will forever be stuck in the past. Your goals will never be achieved. Life as you know it will stop – suddenly; without warning.

And let’s be honest. Gaining traction after your life comes to a screeching halt is tough. But it’s a lot more difficult to come back from that instead of simply learning how to move on.

Moving On: Yes, It’s Possible!

You may be terrified of taking another chance. That rejection at the office may have weakened your courage. But you must persevere! It’s okay to wallow in these feelings of self-doubt, but only for a little while. Then, when you’re ready, prepare yourself to move on with these tips.

1. Relocate Your Confidence

Perhaps the worst outcome of loss is a drop in confidence. A rejection can break your self-esteem with ease. It somehow has the ability to turn your positivity into something toxic. One experience can easily wreak havoc on your confidence.

I know your soul is battered from rejection; from that intense break up. But this is only temporary.

Find what makes you feel whole again. Figure out the skills that led to you applying for that position. Relish in your abilities. Know that you didn’t necessarily lose out on an opportunity due to lack of qualifications, but due to competition. Realize that you are worth more than you are currently giving yourself credit for.

And finally – revitalize your confidence! You’re going to need it when that next opportunity comes along.

How to Begin Moving on from Your Past

2. Look Towards the Future

You may not be psychic. You might not be able to clearly see the end of your line. But your future is still worth considering.

Sure, your past may have made you into the person you are today. Your experiences might have crafted the opinions you’ve formed of the world.

But the future is a blank slate. It is a canvas begging to be etched into; waiting to be colored in.

What you may have lost, all the incidents you must move on from – these occurrences set up your path, but they don’t define it. How you react crafts your journey. If you refuse to regain confidence after rejection, you’ll never try for another similar opportunity.

It really is that simple.

You are not what your past makes you. You are what YOU make you. Here and now, in this moment, you can look to the future. You can choose to try again. You can choose to wipe the dust off that resume and reapply.

No one is stopping you, but you.

3. Learn from the past

By no means should you live in the past. Refusing to move on because the past was already troublesome will only make things worse.

Moving on requires patience, effort, and a conscientious understanding of the past. In order to not relive the same horrific breakup twice, you must learn what caused the last one. To make friends with the right people, you must understand who in your past was toxic and why.

In short – you need to relive your past just enough to gain from it. What once happened will always be, but the future is bright.

You cannot change the past. You can’t alter time. But you can learn enough to move on from an experience you’d rather not relive.

Every Dream Deserves a Chance

Nothing in life will ever be easy. But your outlook on life depends on your response in the now. It rests on how well you’re able to move on from tragedy.

Moving on may come at a time when you’re at your lowest point, but it is possible. Learn to rekindle the self-esteem you once possessed. Find a way to learn from your past – accomplishments, losses, and rejections included. In time, you will move on the way in which you were always meant.

Are you unable to begin this process? Does the thought of moving on trouble you? If so, consider what’s preventing you from moving on in the first place.

In all likelihood, it is you who is stopping yourself from going forward. Check out more information on this subject here: Why You’re Stopping Yourself from Moving On.