3 Reasons Your Differences Make You Special

We aren’t the same. You’ve been blessed with your own unique differences. Contrasts like personality quirks, abilities, and physical traits set you apart. You, your neighbor Mark, your coworker who smacks gum like a champ during team meetings – you’re all inherently different.

And these differences showcase how far we’ve come.

What would the world be like if we were all the same? Would we actually make progress? Would our civilization advance or deteriorate? Let’s talk about communication – how would we handle already knowing our peer’s response? Would the banishment of curiosity make things better or worse?

Would we actually enjoy our lives?

Sameness wouldn’t make the world a better place. If curiosity weren’t a fact of life, your journey would be dull. An identical population of humans roaming the planet wouldn’t help us prosper. It would likely tear us down. This may sound like science-fiction.; like the books your 10th grade English teacher forced you to read. The ones where humanity was crafted from test tubes; where differences where shamed.

Still, it’s tough to ignore the possibility.

Perhaps one day in the near future, we all will be created in a lab somewhere. One day, we might all be forced to uphold the same ideology; carry the same thoughts. On that day, the significance of life itself will be forgotten. The individual pursuits of the past would be pushed aside ‘for the greater good.’

Scary, huh?

This may sound far-fetched. But sameness is a cultural phenomenon. And sadly, there are those who support it.

You’re allotted your own personal beliefs. If you wish to diminish the differences that make this world tick, that is your right. But have you considered the significance of change? Spontaneous go-getters, brave leaders, instigators of massive revolutions – without those differences, these movement shakers would never come to pass. The folks with the courage to stand up to a bully wouldn’t be around. Those who pluck words and string together eloquent stories wouldn’t ever lift a pen.

Our differences make this world great. It is the strength of our personal and unique qualities that craft the very best parts of humanity.

3 Reasons Your Differences Matter

Life would be dull without a little color to liven things up. The world would suffer. You would suffer, whether or not you’re prepared to admit it.

We need unique personalities to truly make the world turn. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Your Differences Make You Special

1. They Create Balance (in the Force)

All jokes aside, what sets you apart balances the world. Maybe not in the broad sense of the word. But in your neck of the woods, your differences make you special.

Consider your relationships. Think about your spouse, friends, coworkers, acquaintances. If you were all the same, how well would those bonds work out? Better yet – how long would they last?

The differences between you and your spouse create balance. They help maintain your bond when turbulence hits full force. Two extreme introverts would likely have a tough time balancing a meaningful relationship. Why? Because they’re simply too similar.

Some similarities are good, but too many can be concerning.

Embrace your unique personality. Find the people who balance it accordingly. Life will be much sweeter.

2. They Enforce Skill Development

How dull would work be if learning weren’t required? If training weren’t necessary, just how worthwhile would you find your career choice?

If everyone had the skills to be a doctor, there would be nothing else. Teachers wouldn’t uplift student’s minds in the classroom. Writers wouldn’t pen books to help you escape from reality. Scientists wouldn’t research and find cures to fatal diseases.

You’ve been gifted a unique skillset. Your abilities help you shine brighter. They mold your world of chaos into something that makes sense. They help you decipher your base abilities and encourage you to develop those skills.

They ensure our world is equipped with the right minds. They help create the leaders, thought provokers, and researchers we need to advance our civilization in the right direction.

Don’t ignore your differences. You’ve been given them for a reason. Make them count.

3. They Ensure Diversity

Some scorn at the mere thought of diversity. The cultural differences that craft the make-up of this world may feel daunting. They may feel too vast to handle.

And yet, without diversity, where would you be?

Without the influence of other cultures and ideologies, your life would be pretty stagnant. You don’t need to mimic the stuff that makes another person unique, but you should at least embrace it.

Be you. Accept all of you – especially the parts that make you different. Realize that your quirks and personal beliefs help craft a better world.

Diversity ensures the spread of ideas. It enhances your life. Let it.

The Differences Between Us Craft the World

Your unique abilities make you who you are. Your skills and personal attributes help you move in ways your peers cannot. We may all be fixated on similar goals. But your unique perspective helps you reach your ambitions when and how you’re meant to.

These differences create balance. They highlight the importance of personal development. And they show that diversity is worth welcoming, not tearing down.

So the next time someone calls you strange, smile. Thank them. Acknowledge the fact that we’re all a little weird. Because life would most certainly be dull if we were all the same.

3 Reasons Your Differences Make You Special