The Impact of Choice - Light vs. Dark

Choice is a hefty opportunity drenched in potential. Consider all you hope to achieve in this life. What goals, dreams, aspirations, and desires keep you awake at night? Whatever your goal, you must go for it. Whether you want to become the first to attend college in your family or the first of your friends to travel the world. Or, perhaps you want to be the first in your professional network to pursue the career you know you deserve.

Our courage to stand up for what we want, the strength we maintain to persevere, regardless of consequence – that is what makes us human. And you can’t stop this pursuit. Not even when another tells you it’s a childish goal; an unworthy path. You cannot stop when critics and narcissists put dampers on those hopes; when they say you aren’t enough. When they say you aren’t good enough.

Don’t be stopped.

You will encounter these negative critics for the rest of your life. Like a contagion, they spread with ease. They spread toxicity from person to person, city to city, all without breaking a sweat. But you don’t have to let them get to you.

You have options. You have a choice that will linger until you believe your answer to be true.

Option 1: Give into negativity. Let go of your hopes. Rid your thoughts of any goal-ridden agendas. Resort instead to pessimism. Let it fill your soul. Instead of reaching for your passions, you will now spend your days unhappy, snatching the dreams of others with a mere string of toxic words.

Option 2: Stand up for yourself. Be brave. Stand against those who dare to bring you down. Show that you have the upper-hand. Enlighten the world through optimism. Let those sucked into toxicity know that you will not back down. Let them see the truth – that the world progresses far better when positivity shines.

Which Choice Will You Choose?

As an individual, you have a choice. You have the freedom, opportunity, along with every right to choose which option suits you best. But know that once your choice is made, it’s tough to alter. The choice to be closed-minded is hard to shake. The decision to live as a narcissist will not be easy to come back from. It isn’t enough to proclaim your choice – you must prove it. At least to yourself. Only then will your mind truly be made up.

For those who choose Option 2, know your dreams will be realized. Know that ignoring the pessimists of this world will serve you far better than catering to their whims. But also know that no one else can make this choice for you.

You are the creator of your own dreams; the storyteller of your own future.

No one else can rip this power from your grasp. Make the choice between light and dark. Your future depends on it.

The Impact of Choice - Light vs. Dark