3 Life Lessons Worth Remembering

Your life lessons have urged you from childhood to adulthood. They have helped you embrace the stars, guiding you from point A to B with ease. And yet, it’s easy to forget what matters. Why? Because your journey can easily shuffle. It can become hectic with ease. It can slow you down, stop you from achieving what you want most, and prevent you from moving forward.

And so, you sit. Idly, you wonder when you’ll progress. You wonder if and when you will be capable of taking that next step into the unknown. You wonder when you’ll be able to pursue that new interest without some invisible obstacle standing in your way. You wonder when you’ll be able to reach for your dreams in a world that seeps opportunity.

There are life lessons you’ve been taught that can’t be ignored. And this is the moment they become pertinent.

There are principles this world has ingrained into our minds. And, truthfully, most have merit. There are plenty of ethics and morals you still remember from childhood. Why? Because they’re relevant. Because they’re synonymous with the life you’re currently living.

They forget that a happy professional may leave because their moral’s differ from that of their employer. They feign to realize that people will move on from whatever obstacle is holding them back. Be it a friend, an opportunity, or an incident – people will move forward. Why? Because the obstacle itself doesn’t align with their personal truth.

Because it doesn’t line up with their idea of what is right.

Of these principles, there are a few worth mentioning. They often go unnoticed, and yet, they are the most relevant. Why are they forgotten? To put it simply: they get overlooked.

Part of it is due to the world we live in today. Part of it has to do with the way our society has progressed. Recalling and remembering the significance of these principles will help you realize your inner-truth. For those of you having a tough time figuring that out – this one is for you.

It’s okay to be held back by a personal moral. This perspective makes you valuable. And a person who understands and views life’s lessons with a moral eye has more going for them than they think.

Here are a few life lessons worth remembering.

— Wisdom isn’t bound by age.

People say those with more years on them know more. They say those who have lived longer know best. People are adamant that the folks with the least amount of time left on this Earth are our best option. They assume this group is best suited to determine the direction society should take next. They feel this group knows the direction YOU should take next.

But folks, that simply isn’t the case.

Wisdom isn’t bound by age. It isn’t something one easily comes by. It isn’t a quality you retain after you’ve gotten through a few decades of time.

It comes from a true knowledge of the world – the way this world has progressed over time; the ability to adapt those changes into a working model of what the best course of action could be. And let’s be frank – our world has drastically changed. There will never be one specific person who consistently knows best. There will never be a soul on this planet smart enough to know the absolute best way to proceed.

But there are those that can figure out the smarter option. And this person isn’t necessarily the one who has lived through 6 decades of life.

It’s all about perspective; the way a person views his or her life along with the world around them. In truth, you can’t retain the wisdom needed to make life-altering decisions – not unless you’ve lived. And I mean truly lived.

This isn’t a jab our elders; folks who’ve lived to see ‘100’ light their birthday cake. There are so many people in that age group who have truly lived. There are so many who have adapted to the changing tides.

Still, there is something to be said about someone who has taken what they’ve experienced, learned from it, and applied it to a better future. There is something to be said about those able to adapt; to be progressive.

Don’t discount someone’s thoughts due to age. They may be wiser than you think.

— Your morals will always differ from those of another.

This one is tough. It’s outright difficult to deal with someone who lives by an entirely different moral code. When it’s someone you deal with daily, it’s even more difficult.

But let’s get one thing straight – your morals will always differ from those of another. It’s impossible for us all to feel and think in unison. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be human.

It won’t be easy to maintain a relationship with another if your ethics seriously misalign, but sometimes it’s necessary. And quite often, you are forced to live with it, if only for a little while. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself out of the situation. You can unfriend a person due to a serious lack of compatibility. You can move on from a romantic partner you disagree with. You can change jobs if you disagree with your employer’s business ethics. But this isn’t always a simple or easy life change to make.

It’s tough to walk away from something – or someone – you’ve invested time and passion into. It’s tough to leave someone you have helped groom into a better version of themselves. It’s difficult to leave something you’ve provided your professional vision.

The point? Jumping on the train of change and starting something new isn’t easy. But sometimes, it’s necessary.

Know that it’s okay to have a different perspective than you friend or coworker. Some can live with it, some can’t. Know you aren’t alone. And remember that it’s always okay to take yourself out of a situation you aren’t comfortable with.

— Being busy isn’t a good justification for being unhappy.

We live in a fast-paced, high energy world. It can be tough to remember that being busy isn’t necessarily a good way of living. Sure, it’s enviable at times. People get wrapped up in their personal lives, tend to different activities, make it to dinner parties, and take on more workout classes than they can truly handle.

None of this makes you a bad person. None of this means you aren’t living your life well. If you’re happy being busy, that’s great. But just know that if you’re unhappy, falling back on busyness isn’t worth your energy.

Being unhappy is something we’re all too familiar with. A high percentage of folks fall back on a packed schedule to keep their mind focused. They stay busy to forget about their grief. Whether it’s a romantic relationship gone wrong, a job they can’t stand, or a side hustle they no longer appreciate – we’ve all got something that causes a bit of inner-turmoil. The question is, how much of it are you willing to put up with? And truthfully, just how unhappy are you?

It isn’t easy to simply change the situation you’ve fallen into. Still, it’s okay to admit the truth of the situation. It’s okay to say that you’re taking on more to take your mind off the hard stuff. It’s okay to admit you’ve found a way to make yourself feel better amid a trauma. None of this makes you a bad person.

And yet, friends, ask yourself: am I living the life I deserve?

Being busy isn’t a good justification for being unhappy. Remember that. Consider eliminating some excess from your life. Minimalism may be incomprehensible for some, but it’s worth considering – if only in small bits.

What Life Lessons Keep You Driven?

You aren’t bound to anyone or anything unless you choose to be. You always have a choice – it’s the best part of being human. We’ve all been given a place in this world for a reason. The manner you live the life you’ve already begun is up to you.

Know that the lessons you’ve been taught since childhood are still relevant. There are many principles you may have forgotten. There are probably a few you unknowingly abide by daily. But the three core values listed here are mentioned because they are universal; because they matter.

Remember that wisdom comes from experience. Young people do not, as folks often say, know nothing. When you run into a moral conflict with another, think about the big picture. It’s unlikely you’ll always agree with everyone’s core principles. And the next time you load your schedule with unnecessary outings, recognize the issue. Know that you just might be shadowing a part of your life causing unhappiness.

Take care of yourself, folks. Remember the bits of your life that matter. Take pride in the values you hold dear; the lessons that have helped craft your life from beginning to present day. And know that what has been with you since childhood sits deeper than you realize.