Why Judgment Isn't Worth the Energy

Judgment is a quality unworthy of your time. Highlighting the worst in your neighbor will never increase your likelihood of success. Judging your peers will never better your endeavors. Demeaning another’s goal won’t quicken the arrival of your own.

Let’s get one thing out in the open: you will never agree with everyone. You may not condone the life of another. The path this person has taken may make you cringe. It might concern you. It may even disgust you.

And yet, isn’t that the blessing of humanity? Isn’t it our basic human right to choose our own path, regardless of consequence?

What you choose to do with your life is up to you, not your friend. The choices you make are yours. No one else can tell you what to do with the time you’ve been allotted – within reason, of course.

Rules, laws, standards – these requirements keep us accountable. They help maintain a sort of peace; a veil of understanding the world would be lost without. They help us remember the difference between right and wrong. Yet how you respond to those requirements is up to you. How you choose to live your life is your decision. The way you tend to your dream is your bed to make.

You will never reach for the same dream as another. Now, this doesn’t mean your dream won’t be similar to that of another. But those brief similarities are just that – brief. Regardless of appearances, your goal will always differ; it will be unique only to you. And the path to reach that goal will differ even further.

You will never be identical to another person. Your appearances, insights, and morals will never be the same as your employer’s. You cannot suppress your instincts because someone else attempts to wreak havoc on your ethics.

Judgment can be aggressive; cruel. At its very worst, judgement can be downright hateful. But it doesn’t truly retain any power over your life.

When you utilize judgment to get ahead, you’re only showcasing the degenerative qualities of yourself. With envy as a guide, you are merely highlighting the worst bits of your soul. And what good does that do?

What good does the act of judgment provide this world?

Regardless of your religion, ideology, faith, or whatever it is you place your beliefs in – there is no room for judgment. There is no space for selfish bouts of aggressive envy. This world has enough to deal with. You have enough to deal with. Collectively, humanity has enough on its plate.

Why wreak havoc on the emotions of others when it will never further your path for the better?

We are all doing our best. Acts of judgment, regardless of context, only disturb any efforts we’ve made thus far. Life is complicated. It can be tough in the worst of times. But this demeaning act only makes things worse.

Judgment is an act unworthy of your energy; undeserving of your time. Don’t let it get the better of you.